Disney Just Released a Peek at the Rooms in the Star Wars-Themed Hotel, and OMG, We Can't Wait

Disney is known for its immersive experiences that make you feel like you're actually part of a movie, show, or ride, but the new Star Wars vacation package at Disney World might be the most epic one yet.

Quarantine rule change welcomed by UK travel industry

The travel industry has welcomed the change in quarantine rules that will allow passengers returning to the UK from high-risk countries to reduce the time they self-isolate to five days, if they can provide a negative Covid test result. Travel companies have been campaigning against the mandatory 14-day quarantine for all returning travellers since it was introduced on 8 June. Paul Charles of the PC Agency, who led the Quash Quarantine campaign,...

If You're Storing Wine in the Fridge or Vodka in the Freezer, You Need to Read This

Read on for seven common mistakes people make when storing wine and spirits, according to experts.

The most reclusive humans in the world

In November 2018, American John Chau fell victim to the arrows of people living on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands near India. The entire world was suddenly reminded of the existence of the Sentinelese, a tribe of about 150 people who seek only one thing—to be left alone. The Sentinelese are not the only ones who have remained totally isolated, or almost, from the rest of humanity. Here are 20 places where humans still live in microsocieties despite today's modern technology that continues to shrink our world one byte at a time.

I visited London's world-famous flower market, and it's an Instagrammer's dream

Colorful and historical, London's New Covent Garden Market is a world-famous flower retailer and the perfect place to take photos for Instagram.

30 incredible photos of big cities seen from above

There are some incredible cities across the world—from historical centres to modern metropolises, via cultural hubs and stunningly scenic skylines. But sometimes the only way to truly enjoy what these cities have to offer is to get above the hustle and bustle to experience their beauty from the air…

Disney World fans are worried that Animal Kingdom's broken yeti will never get fixed after a famous Imagineer announced he's retiring

Joe Rohde said he thought it was a "great opportunity to slip away without too much disruption" while Disney World faced a "quiet time."

Here's how Olay skincare fans can get the famous Orolay 'Amazon coat' for free on Cyber Monday

You can get a free, limited-edition Orolay coat with a purchase of $150 from Olay during Cyber Monday 2020. But the deal only lasts through tonight.

This is what daily life in Russia looks like

In terms of size, Russia is the biggest country in the world, spanning nine different time zones and covering a vast expanse of 17.1 million square kilometres (6.6 million square miles). From the bustling streets of Moscow to the windswept steppes of Siberia, here’s a look at what daily life looks like in Russia.

How Bob Marley helped me paddleboard from Land’s End to John o’Groats

Day one of lockdown 2, and I’m listening to a playlist called Sunny Days. Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds comes on and suddenly I’m no longer in my cramped bedroom cum office cum yoga studio cum gym, but back on a beach in the Philippines, where I lived above a reggae bar after graduating. In the month it took me to complete my Divemaster qualification there, my love for the ocean and its creatures deepened so much that I would dedicate my life...

Will these famous landmarks survive the crisis?

The current crisis has transformed the world and obscured our vision of the future. Enterprises of every size and stripe are assessing the damage from shutdowns, scrambling to safely reopen and wondering whether they can pivot quickly enough to survive in a post-pandemic world. A lot of familiar faces may not make the transition. Here are some of the landmark presences—from retail and tourism to arts and nature—that may yet fall victim to the virus.

An American tourist who stole and inscribed a note on a shard of ancient Roman marble mailed it back to Italy, apologizing for being an 'a--hole'

The National Roman Museum said it received the piece — daubed with "To Sam, love Jess, Rome 2017" — in a parcel sent from Atlanta, Georgia.

These roller coasters will make your heart race!

For people who love roller coasters, there’s no thrill quite like the anticipation of that first drop—and all the corkscrews, inversions, and G-forces that follow—on some of the best rides in the world. From classics at the Florida theme parks in Orlando and Tampa to roller coasters around the world, follow our lead to the thrill rides guaranteed to make your stomach flip.

NYC authorities shut down an illegal club with about 400 people inside

New York has over 630,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and a testing positivity rate of 3.32%, according to Johns Hopkins University.

These 10 Thanksgiving Facts Will Surprise You

The more you know, right?

The most beautiful parks in the world

National parks often make great places to visit on holiday. These natural havens are a great way to discover local culture and much more besides while taking in majestic landscapes. Here are the 30 most beautiful parks in the world.

10 Minutes of Yoga During My Lunch Break Has Been Game-Changing For My Concentration

It's easy and totally understandable to be feeling distracted - and just generally tired - right now, and when you add holiday stress and safety concerns to the list, powering through the workday with full productivity can sometimes feel like a challenge.

The metal monolith recently documented in the Utah desert has been there since 2016

The monolith appeared in the red-rock area south of Moab sometime between August 2015 and October 2016, according to Google Earth's historical view.

Send us a tip on your most memorable rail journey for a chance to win a £200 holiday prize

Train travel offers some of the best adventures – a chance to get off-the-beaten track, to meet locals and soak up the scenery passing by. Whether it was on a steam train across tea plantations or the plains of Asia, a winding mountain railway, or a ramshackle local train to a memorable destination, we want to hear about your favourite rail journey. If you have a photo from the trip, do send it in – but it’s your words that will be judged for...

Tell us about your favourite travel discovery of 2020 for a chance to win a £200 holiday prize

Whether you managed to safely holiday abroad and found a special place, or you stayed in the UK and happened on a local gem that’s formed part of your lockdown routine, we would love to hear your travel discovery highlights of the year. It could be a cafe or treasure trove of a shop that adapted to this year’s special circumstances, a lovely park that you’d never been to before, a monument or area of woodland. Perhaps you climbed hills and...

Doctors Explain How to Safely Create a Pandemic Pod With Friends This Winter

These are six things you *have* to keep in mind.

The coolest museums that offer virtual visits

Think you can’t travel while you’re stuck at home? Think again! Many of the world’s top museums offer visitors the possibility of discovering their exhibitions thanks to virtual tours that can truly make you feel like you were really there. Here are 20 to explore.

The movies to watch when you want to travel but can’t

Since most of us can’t travel, why not escape through movies? After all, there’s not much else to do at the moment. Take a trip around the world from the comfort of your living room with these 30 movies.

The lockdown view from York: ‘To be OK, we need to open on 3 December’

Step back in time, way back, to a different world and a different life … about mid-January 2020. In York, the city’s tourism chiefs were developing a strategy for it to become a £1bn industry by 2025, not bad for a city of around 200,000. But on 29 January two guests at the Staycity Hotel just outside the city walls became the first Covid-19 infection cases in the UK. I remember it well: I was with friends in the Phoenix pub not 200m away and we...

A mysterious metal monolith was found in Romania on the same day a similar one vanished in Utah

The US government said the Utah monolith was reported missing on Friday. That same day, Romanian media reported the discovery of a similar structure.

Experts say that picking the window seat on a plane can lower your risk of getting sick

We spoke to four experts who gave us tips on how to reduce the risk of infection on a plane: Turns out, sitting in a window seat can help.

Do You Know the History of the Christmas Tree?

Brush up on the origins of the true hallmark of holiday decor.

Sorry, Emotional Support Peacock! Airlines Can Now Ban Animals Other Than Dogs From Flights

If you've ever been annoyed to discover that your seatmate on a flight was an "emotional support" miniature horse, you'll be pleased to hear that the Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued a new rule that allows airlines in the US to ban animals like pigs, snakes, and even peacocks from riding in the cabin alongside their owners.

In praise of Jan Morris, by six fellow travel writers

Pico Iyer Jan Morris was a dazzling historian who was constantly fascinated by the new. She could throw off precise and stunningly compact reports – on the trial of Eichmann or her interview with Che Guevara, for this paper and many others – and then compose 30-page master portraits of cities for Rolling Stone. She was mellifluous and mischievous at once, and perhaps an ideal chronicler of the 20th century, as a classical Brit who nonetheless...

‘As an Australian it will affect you. It’s your land as well’: Indigenous tourism’s new online travel agency

If you need to know how to quickly take the itch out of a swollen mosquito bite or find a crystal-clear, low-risk place to swim in the Daintree, Juan Walker can show you. The proprietor of Walkabout Cultural Adventures has been taking visitors around Kuku Yalanji country in far-north Queensland for almost two decades. Lately, many of those visitors have discovered Walker’s tours a new way – through Welcome to Country, a marketplace for...

My most memorable train ride: 10 readers' travel tips

Winning tip: Etna circuit, Sicily The 68-mile trip round Mount Etna in eastern Sicily was full of contrasts: the bleak black landscapes of the lava fields; lush valleys covered in fig, orange, pistachio and olive groves; the almost-abandoned villages and stations at the start and the busyness of Catania. Etna was constantly in sight, often belching out black smoke. On the early stretch from Riposto to Randozzo there were few people inside or...

Jupiter and Saturn Will Align to Create the First "Christmas Star" in Nearly 800 Years

As 2020 comes to a close, the solar system has decided to grace us with a cosmic Christmas miracle that hasn't been witnessed in nearly 800 years.

Americans are already dreaming of post-vaccine travel — and their top destinations are the world's biggest cities

When the news of potential coronavirus vaccines broke, some people immediately started planning their next vacation. Here's where they want to go.

20 surreal attractions in the middle of nowhere

Located in the middle of nowhere, there are some tourist spots that almost look too beautiful to be real. You don't have to pinch yourself, though, these surreal attractions really do exist—and are definitely worth dusting off your passport for.

Gift guide: Dyson’s Corrale hair straighteners are the luxury Christmas gift women want

A glamorous Christmas gift for people who love to groom

Writers retreat: seven authors on their outdoor escapes from lockdown

Kayaking by Martin Latham Before lockdown, I occasionally got uneasily into a sea kayak with my kids – usually unbalancing it and tipping us all in the water. Then they exchanged the big multi-seater kayak for two lighter two-seaters, which I can actually lift. I am 64 and active – I have swum in the sea off Kent in every month of the year for decades. I thought the sea would be a good keep-fit place during lockdown, and so I perched a kayak on...

The most beautiful college campus in every state

The United States boasts some truly stunning college campuses. These 50 beautiful universities earn top marks for architecture, green space, the surrounding landscape, or all three.

What Parents Should Know Ahead of Watching The Christmas Chronicles 2

After losing his reindeer, getting arrested, then being forced to deliver all the Christmas presents in under an hour, it's hard to believe that Christmas Eve could get any more hectic for Santa.

The return of Thomas Hardy's favourite haunt, the King's Arms, Dorchester – review

Dorchester is at the heart of what the National Trust calls “Hardy Country” – and he is everywhere. Not that I mind. I’m a big fan of his Wessex novels. And I was pretty excited to be spending the night in a newly reopened hostelry that gets a mention in at least one of them. Thomas Hardy was a regular at the King’s Arms. He is said to have devised, or even written The Mayor of Casterbridge in a room upstairs. Casterbridge is a fictionalised...

Police shutdown 'potential superspreader' party with about 400 guests in New York

According to local reports, police received 911 calls about a party in New York with around 400 guests at a 10-acre property booked through Airbnb.

High-Quality Pet Carriers for Your Dogs & Cats

If you’re bring your Fido or Fluffy along on your next adventure, you should ensure that you’re properly prepared to bring them from Point A to Point B. If you have a cat or a smaller dog, you should invest in a pet carrier. You’ll deeply regret letting your cat roam around your cat while

A video shows inside the secret airplane bedrooms where flight attendants sleep on long-haul flights

A new video takes viewers into the secret crew rest area on an American Airlines 787 Dreamliner that's hidden above the passengers.

Feasts and holy days in the Kazakhstan desert

I thought I knew Kazakhstan. I’d been to Pavlodar, in the north-east, for its Russian cafes and its theatre named after Anton Chekhov, and I’d explored Turkestan, in the far south, with its Timurid architecture to rival the turquoise-tiled mosques of neighbouring Uzbekistan. I’d spent time in industrial Karaganda, in the vast central steppe, checking into a hotel built for Soviet cosmonauts. In the former capital, Almaty, I rented a flat and...

25 amazing geological phenomena

While amazing geological phenomena can be found across the globe, some are especially unexpected. Some have been around for millions of years, while others are more recent.

The First Look at Epcot's Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Is Making My Stomach Flip in the Best Way

The imagineers over at Walt Disney World have been hard at work on the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride, and now we've gotten our first look at how epic the roller coaster will actually be!

These eerily beautiful places are now abandoned

People are often what brings a place to life. But there’s something quietly spectacular about abandoned places where the human factor has been replaced with a still-life kind of beauty. From an abandoned Russian settlement in Arctic Norway to one of Southeast Asia’s most famous temple complexes, follow our lead to 30 abandoned places that are eerily beautiful.

I visited The Standard in London, and I don't think I'd stay at the 5-star luxury hotel again

I stayed at the London location of the boutique hotel during the pandemic, and the cool atmosphere wasn't as alluring as I thought it would be.

Scotland’s ski resorts in limbo with potential bumper season looming

The future of Scottish ski resorts hangs in the balance as they confront two starkly different scenarios for the winter to come. On the one hand, they might see record visitor numbers as British skiers head north as an alternative to the Alps; on the other, continued local restrictions could leave them facing prolonged closure and financial struggles. This week the French, Italian and German authorities announced they would not open their ski...

Stunning photos of the Australian wilderness

Dreaming about where your next trip will take you? These gorgeous photos of Australia’s natural wonders are sure to put the country on your bucket list—even if you’ve already been! From much-loved sites to lesser-known gems, get ready to embark on a breathtaking journey through these wilderness views.

‘Understanding a map creates a new sort of relationship with the outdoors’

One of my strongest childhood memories is of sitting in the back of the car with a map. On long journeys it was my job to trace our route with my finger and call out directions (even though my parents knew exactly where we were going). I can remember that almost magical feeling of power and responsibility, as if somehow I was the one in control, that we would go where my finger took us. That’s where my love of maps began. When I got older, I...