Regina King's powerful 'One Night in Miami' is so good it's destined for Oscar glory

Regina King's feature directing debut is based on a stage play about a fictional night out between Malcolm X, Cassius Clay, Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke.

TikTok Star Noah Beck defended traveling to the Bahamas for a 'reset' with Charli and Dixie D'Amelio during the pandemic - but some fans are still angry

Noah Beck defended a group of TikTok influencers for taking a trip to the Bahamas to "disconnect for a little" during the pandemic.

Historical photos of famous monuments under construction

Whether completed in record time or stretching out for more than a century, the world’s most famous structures are today so integral to the landscape that it can be difficult to conceive of the often herculean efforts required to bring them into being. Here are historical photos documenting some of the most well-known monuments before they became landmarks.

The sunniest cities in the world

When dreaming of a sunny vacation spot, the Caribbean and Central America are often the first to spring to mind. Surprisingly, the sunniest city in the world is a lot closer than you think. Vacationers in search of vitamin D won’t be caught in the rain, thanks to our list of the 25 sunniest cities in the world.

Tense video shows an LA restaurant owner at his limit with cops and a health department worker over coronavirus guidelines

The LA public health department's protocol says "all temporary outdoor seating areas at restaurants, breweries and wineries are closed to the public."

The most stunning swimming pools on the planet

Swimming pools have been a calling card of exotic locations and luxurious hotels for decades, and their appeal has only grown in the age of Instagram. From infinity pools that stretch on for as far as the eye can see, to dip-worthy spots in jaw-dropping locations, there are some truly stunning manmade bodies of water in the world. Don’t believe us? Grab a towel and dive in with our rundown of 20 of the most stunning swimming pools on the planet. Just remember the rules: no running, ducking, bombing or heavy petting.

The spectacular beauty of nature around the world

Unfortunately, given the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, it could be a while before any of us are able to travel. So instead we’ll have to settle for the next best thing: pictures. Take a virtual trip around the world and escape our current situation, even for just a few minutes, through the following photos, which show the spectacular beauty of nature.

Many have called for Capitol Hill rioters to be added to the no-fly list, but watchdog groups say the notoriously secretive process is 'unconstitutional'

Little is known about the highly secretive no-fly list, which is maintained by the FBI and has been heavily criticized in the past.

U.S. cities that look even better in the winter

Winter has a way of making even the most beautiful cities look discouraging. Luckily, not all winter towns are created equal. In fact, there are spots across the United States that turn into veritable wonderlands come wintertime, and it's got everyone packing their bags. When making winter holiday plans, consider these magnificent destinations that are just full of Christmassy air. You’ll definitely get the chills… in a really good way.

Sally Rooney's Third Novel Will Be, You Guessed It, an Irish Millennial Love Story

'Beautiful World, Where Are You' will be published in September 2021.

Don't trust those viral videos that claim to prove Capitol rioters are being added to 'no-fly lists'

Videos of people being arrested or deplaned are going viral on social media. Some users falsely claim the passengers in question are Capitol rioters.

'We'd rather hit the virus hard now than lose Easter,' say UK tourism chiefs

Tourism chiefs have added their voices to calls for a national lockdown in a bid to help save Easter holiday bookings. Boris Johnson is expected to announce tighter restrictions for England in a television address at 8pm on Monday. Johnson’s refusal to give specific details of the new measures in an interview on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday prompted Labour leader Keir Starmer to call for an immediate lockdown to help tackle the “out of...

Disney World will no longer offer its Magical Express bus service to airport travelers starting in 2022

Starting in 2022, travelers heading to Disney World in Orlando will have to use rented vehicles or ride-share services to get to their resorts.

Naturists criticise Durham police over Facebook post about arrest

A group of naturists have accused police of putting them at risk after wrongly suggesting it was illegal to walk around naked. Three Rivers Outdoor Club, a naturist club based in the north-east of England, complained about a Facebook post by Durham constabulary, following reports of a naked man walking around Waldridge Fell, near Chester-le-Street. Officers arrested the man on suspicion of outraging public decency and brought him in for...

Do You Know the History of the Christmas Tree?

Brush up on the origins of the true hallmark of holiday decor.

How intention turns a walk into a pilgrimage – plus 5 British pilgrim trails

When we are set free from our confinement, what are the safe options for venturing out? Last year was the year of walking outdoors, so perhaps – and I may be biased – 2021 will be the year for pilgrimages, given that throughout history people have made pilgrimages at times of crisis? To lay the ground for rediscovery, in summer 2020 the British Pilgrimage Trust (BPT) launched Britain’s Pilgrim Places, a compendium of 600 sites and 100 routes,...

Island escapes: six accessible slices of paradise just off Australia's shores

Overseas and even some interstate travel may still be off the menu, but you can still go “over the seas”. These under-the-radar islands are all accessible via a boat trip, no passport required. An offshore lighthouse: Montague Island New South Wales Home to 10,000 little penguins as well as a colony of Australian fur seals and 90 species of birds, Montague Island is a wildlife wonderland just 9km off the New South Wales south coast near Narooma....

The best road trips 2021: beautiful scenery, thrilling roads, and exciting cars

From Norway to Scotland, these are the best driving roads in Europe

21 places to go in 2021: ‘The holidays we’re dreaming of this year’

Portugal A stroll and a gourmet treat by the river at Amarante My go-to place for escape is the mountains. In normal times, I’d make a beeline for the granite-strewn plateaux of Serra da Estrela or the wooded slopes of Gerês. But the ups and downs of lockdown have left me craving something a little less wild. I feel a need for repose, not action. Amarante would be just the ticket. On the banks of the Tâmega River, a gorgeous bow-shaped bridge...

Nature from space: Amazing photos of our planet

If space is the final frontier, then NASA is the enterprise that goes where no one has gone before. Fortunately, the U.S. agency is kind enough to share with everyone a visual record of its explorations, with high-quality images taken of the Earth from different angles and distances. These give us new perspective on our sometimes troubled relationship with nature and our ultimately humble place in the scheme of things. It’s well worth taking a long viewing voyage with the NASA Earth Observatory. Engage!

A virtual tour of Peru through films, food, books and music

There’s something fitting about a virtual guide to Peru. For would-be conquistadores, it was a land of fantasy and imagination. The very name of the country would have conjured up illusions of untold treasures, Inca emperors, wild beasts and heathen practices. Lima was the seat of Spain’s South American imperial territories for 300 years; it was where you had to be if you wanted to acquire booty, land, or influence. But it was traversed by...

The Best Kid-Friendly Airbnbs to Book for a Socially Distanced Getaway

Staying at an Airbnb has long been a go-to plan for traveling families. And since hotels are still going to be on the back burner in 2021 (sigh), vacation rentals are going to continue to be more relevant than ever for a safe retreat. Finding one that crosses off all your family-friendly must-haves and perhaps

Welcome to Oymyakon, the world’s coldest village

There’s cold, and then there’s Oymyakon cold. Temperatures in the world’s coldest permanently inhabited place have dropped below -88 C (-126.4 F), with average January temperatures sitting at around -50 C (-58 F). Photographer Amos Chapple travelled to this frigid village on the Siberian tundra to document what life is like for the 500 hardy souls who live there, and after defrosting his camera was able to capture some incredible images.

Tell us about your lockdown hobby for the chance to win a £200 holiday prize

Taking up a niche hobby has become a lifeline for many during lockdown. Whether it’s bookbinding or tree-spotting, paddleboarding or quilt-making, new interests have helped people deal with Covid anxiety and the groundhog days of confinement. If you have taken up a new hobby, especially one that has helped you get outside, even if it’s only to the local park or woods, then we’d love to hear about it. Tell us how you got started and why, and how...

I stayed in a Bali tree house for under $35 per night, and it felt like a fairy-tale

I stayed at Lift treetop hotel in Bali for $27, though the typical price is $75 a night. The room had a king-size bed and was far off the ground.

The Mom's Guide to Asheville

If you weren’t tempted by our recent kid-friendly road trip guides to the Hudson Valley or Marfa, Texas, perhaps a magical mountain town could tempt your family’s fancy? Because tucked away in the mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway is the hidden retreat of the east: Asheville, North Carolina. The little city is a haven

What it's like to live in Finland, the happiest country in the world

Finland came in first in the World Happiness Report from Gallup for the third year running. Here's what makes it such a great place to live.

Allowing fans at Sydney Test for ‘mental health’ labelled ‘laughable’ as Berala cluster perturbs authorities

A Sydney epidemiologist has said it is “laughable” for the New South Wales health minister to suggest fans should be able to attend the SCG cricket Test to help their mental health while authorities are working to contain a Covid cluster in the city’s west. Public health experts have warned the coronavirus outbreak linked to Sydney’s western suburbs will be challenging to contain because a lack of state-wide public health restrictions over the...

Sea change: New Zealanders take to the water as Covid restricts holiday horizons

In pictures: Life in Mongolia

Ranked as the 19th largest country in the world, Mongolia is known for its steppes, desert, and mountains. Discover this country through its cities, plains, landscapes, and the daily life of its people.

The most spine-chilling airplane disappearances

Aircraft have become truly enormous over the years, with the largest one on this list, the Boeing 777-200ER, weighing nearly 300 tons at takeoff. How is it, then, that these massive machines can disappear without a trace, especially with all the sophisticated search-and-rescue technology at our disposal? In the wake of the bizarre airplane disappearances that follow, this question has given rise to equally bizarre theories ranging from military blunders to alien abductions.

10 of the best virtual travel experiences: readers' tips

Winning tip: A bird’s eye view of Norway One of my joys of travelling is listening to music on a train while watching a new country spool by outside the window. During lockdown I discovered how to replicate this experience while confined to the house: by watching drone footage of faraway places on YouTube. My favourite was Flying Over Norway, an hour-long feature flying above fjords, bays and fishing villages. The footage offers a bird’s-eye...

The most amazing temples in the world

Over the course of history, humanity has done great things in the name of religion. Some of those accomplishments include creating places of worship where divinities from every different belief system can be worshipped. Asia is hands-down the continent with the most majestic sacred temples, but as you peruse this list of 30 incredible temples to visit, you’ll see that there are breathtaking holy monuments in every corner of the world.

Disney World Will No Longer Offer Free Airport Shuttles to and From Park Hotels as of 2022

Walt Disney World will no longer offer its hotel and resort guests free shuttle services to and from Orlando International Airport as of Jan.

Mysterious Object Spotted In Area 51 Fly-By

A Singapore luxury hotel group is offering guests almost $200,000 in free medical coverage if they test positive for COVID-19 during their stay

The offer currently only applies to travelers from 11 countries, including Australia, mainland China, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

These Real-Life Castles Feel Like an Episode of Bridgerton—and You Can Rent Them

Give Lady Whistledown something to talk about.

The wildest place in every state

While the impact of humans can be seen and felt nearly every place on earth, there are still some spots where wildlife and natural beauty persist. These untouched, often protected wilderness areas are located throughout the entire country, and offer a chance for people to reconnect with nature. In alphabetical order, here are the wildest places in every state.

A former Disney Imagineer revealed that John Travolta almost starred in its classic theme-park attraction Soarin'

Former Disney Imagineer Jim Clark said actor Patrick Warburton was chosen to host the Soarin' video after Travolta faced scheduling conflicts.

The Mom's Guide to Chattanooga

Now that we’ve drummed up pandemic-safe(r) road trip guides to take you and your kids through the Hudson Valley, southern California, and even far-west Texas, it’s high time we took a look at the American South: specifically, my adopted home state of Tennessee and the vastly underrated sweet southern river/mountain town of Chattanooga. I’ve lived

Best eco-friendly and sustainable holidays 2021: travel and save the world

We’ve rounded up some of the best eco-friendly and sustainable options, from traditional camping sites with amazing views to helping endangered animals

My travel dream for 2021: top 12 readers’ tips

Winning tip: A perfect ’stan Covid willing, we’ll be heading to Kyrgyzstan. It’s at that perfect point where the infrastructure supports a great travel experience, but it’s not become spoiled by tourists. Bishkek is modern and vibrant, and in the stunning rural areas it’s possible to stay with nomads living the traditional life. It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with delicious locally sourced food. Kyrgyz community-based...

Journey to the ends of the earth: exploring the poles

The allure of North and South Poles has driven a handful of adventurous souls to risk their lives to reach these far-flung, frozen destinations. The poles are a story of firsts, with each person striving to be the first to reach the poles by air, ship, ski, snowshoe, dogsled and even by bike. Today, as climate change melts the once permanent ice, countries vie to control the resources that lie below or within the icy lands and waters, while polar explorers strive to raise awareness about the looming crisis.

Explore these popular landmarks without leaving home

If you need a change of scenery but can't travel, you’ll be happy to know that some of the world’s most famous landmarks—from parks to museums to zoos—offer free virtual tours. Here are 20.

A woman ditched city life to spend 5 years living alone in a Utah ghost town where there's no running water

Artist Eileen Muza traded Chicago for an abandoned town in Utah, which she has been slowly transforming into an art hub.

15 wellbeing retreats and detox breaks – for better days ahead

The Clover Mill, Worcestershire Reopening in the spring, this ayurveda retreat in a converted 17th-century water mill in the rolling hills near Malvern offers two-, three- and five-night retreats throughout the year that combine ayurveda treatments, meals, nutritional advice and cooking demos with yoga. Its Rest and Digest retreats in particular are aimed at helping guests to shift their sympathetic nervous system from flight/fight/freeze mode...

What to pack for a cruise 2021: the essentials while out at sea

Off sailing around the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or up the Norwegian coast to see the Northern Lights? Here’s what you need to take with you

What the COVID-19 vaccine could mean for the future of travel

While airlines and governments could require travelers to have proof of a coronavirus vaccination, a blanket requirement raises a few issues.

Recall of the wild: South America's new era of nature-led tourism

In 1947, Christopher Isherwood undertook a six-month tour of South America, concentrating on cultural sites, large cities and hobnobbing with local grandees. The title of the travelogue he wrote about the trip, The Condor and the Cows, sums up how most Europeans felt about South America. While the condor has since been pushed to near-extinction, the cows have persisted: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela are still seen by outsiders as...

At least 3 critically endangered gorillas tested positive for the coronavirus at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

According to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, the gorillas are believed to have caught the coronavirus from an asymptomatic staff member.