Richmond, Virginia has been an independent city since 1871 from the time that it was incorporated in 1742. Richmond is popular for its well-preserved history. It is the capital of Virginia’s commonwealth and is one of America’s oldest major cities that is memorialized with statues, museums, and cemeteries to mention a few.

In Richmond you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Walk The James River Pipeline Park, The Science Museum Of Virginia, and Virginia Repertory Theatre At The November Theatre and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Walk The James River Pipeline Park

The Pipeline Rapids walkway could be the best-kept secret in Richmond. It's also a great spot to watch nature and get away from the city for a few minutes. You will climb from the parking lot to a metal ladder and then down to the metal catwalk atop the pipeline, which provides views of the Pipeline Rapids. A narrow walking path runs under a train track and across a pipeline that floats over the water.

2. The Science Museum Of Virginia

This educational museum is known for its informative and interactive displays on natural science, health and energy. Their permanent exhibits include live animals, cutting edge technology and impressive static displays such as Aluminaut, the world's first aluminum submarine.

3. Virginia Repertory Theatre At The November Theatre

Barksdale Theatre and Theatre IV merged in 2012 to form Virginia Repertory Theatre, a nonprofit professional theatre organization. Virginia Rep is the largest commercial theater and one of the largest performing arts companies in Central Virginia, with a $5 million investment, four separate venues, an instructional touring arm.

4. Silvan Forest Mountain Bike Trails

The generous owners Rick and Sarah Griffin and their families have definitely opened up their property. Silvan offers a fantastic front country riding area, effortlessly connecting to TDC land behind Richmond and providing Stoke with a convenient access point to some riding fun.

5. The Edgar Allan Poe Museum

It is a museum devoted to American writer Edgar Allan Poe, located in the Shockoe Bottom neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia, United States. although Poe never lived in the house, it serves as a memorial to his time in Richmond. During Poe's centennial year in 1909, a group of Richmond citizens called for the city to properly honor the writer and install a Poe statue on Monument Avenue, but they were turned down because he was considered a disreputable character.

6. The Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

The bespoke beer industry in Richmond is an elite group. The Hardywood Park Craft Brewery is one of the few establishments in the city that produces high-quality homebrews and signature alcoholic concoctions. Situated at the historic German brewing district, the brewery churns out traditional European ales and lagers alongside original creations that have a distinctly Virginian flavor. Tours of the facility will help you appreciate the art and technology required to produce these delicious and unique beverages. Lest you forget to have fun, the outdoor beer garden features cornhole and bocce ball game facilities.

7. Virginia State Capitol

The Virginia State Capitol serves as the state's administrative center. Due to fires during the Colonial period, the present Capitol is the ninth to function as Virginia's statehouse. Jamestown and Williamsburg are Virginia's first two capitol cities.

8. Maymont Park

This Victorian estate, which was owned by a wealthy Richmond lawyer named James Dooley, has different strokes for different folks. One of the many attractions here is the Maymont Mansion. A bed shaped like a swan and an elevator inside the residence are symbolic of how the wealthy lived in the 1890s. The grounds surrounding the residence play host to facilities for nature lovers like an arboretum, native wildlife exhibits, a nature center and the Children's Farm. If you are more interested in vehicles and history, the Carriage Collection is just the place for you. The displays here pay tribute to horse-drawn transportation typical of country estates in Virginia from the 1890s to the early 1900s.

9. The Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond was opened in 1936. Considered to have one of the largest exhibition spaces in all the museums in North America, the collection includes African Arts, British Arts, American Arts, South Asian Arts, Himalayan Arts, etc. The 40000 collection of artwork in the museum spans 5000 years.

10. Hollywood Cemetery

Built in 1860 and spread in 135 acres, Hollywood Cemetery is a green area spanning beautiful hills and large trees. The fully operational cemetery located on the James River banks is so much known for its flora that it has become a registered arboretum. It is a final resting place for many celebrities, Generals, Presidents and other rich & famous people.

11. American Civil War Museum

Devoted to the American civil war, the American Civil War Museum operates from three sites. The American Civil War Museum is located on the banks of River James and was formed after merging the American Civil War Center and the Museum of the Confederacy. The collection includes pictures, manuscripts, pamphlets, books and artifacts related to the civil war.

12. Secco Wine Bar

The sophisticated ambiance of this wine bar beckons all those who are in need of some unwinding. A bright star in the Richmond wine scene, this establishment serves terroir-driven Old World wines and a charcuterie plate to satisfy your alcoholic and meat cravings. Other delightful drinks you can order include classic and house cocktails, imported and local craft beers, Lamplighter coffee, and Carytown Teas. Drinks are not as enjoyable without some delectable gourmet dishes, particularly the Mediterranean-style cuisine that this wine bar offers. Among the many kitchen masterpieces you can savor here include savory paella and risotto. Old American favorites like burger and fries are also available.

13. Richmond Raceway

America’s Premier Short Track, the Richmond Raceway is also the only track in NASCAR to host all of its events at night. Apart from NASCAR events, it has also served as the venue for the USAC sprint car series and the IROC series. It also hosts several live events and concerts.

14. Tredegar Iron Works

This iron factory opened in 1837 as a result of the enterprising minds of some tycoons from Richmond. Trains were starting to become in vogue back then and these businessmen wanted to cash in. To fulfill this desire for profit, Tredegar Iron Works produced around a hundred steam locomotives between 1850 and 1860. The plant's presence in Richmond was so important, that the American Confederacy transferred its seat of government to this city when it fought the Union States during the Civil War. Tredegar supplied about half the artillery used by the Confederate States Army, as well as the iron plating for the first Confederate ironclad warship. Though the iron works is no longer active commercially, it now houses the Visitors’ Center of the Richmond branch of the National Parks Service (N.P.S.).

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