Pop Quiz: You're about to book an incredible Airbnb for your family reunion. The house has availability for exactly when you need it and all the amenities you could ask for. But then there's that nagging issue: what if you have to cancel for some unexpected reason? You do not want to be stuck with a non-refundable deposit and who knows what other other fees.

Do you...

A. Book it anyways and pray for dear life?

B. Wait until the last minute to book, crossing your fingers that it's still somehow available for the dates you want?

C. Book it because you have Stellar?

Correct Answer: C

If you selected A or B, we feel ya. Who hasn't had to shoulder financial losses due to non-refundable bookings be it accommodations or tickets? I've had tickets to concerts I couldn't go to, and wound up selling via a social media post at a loss as a last resort. But Stellar changes that. The marketplace is created specifically for this type of high-end, one-time investment. So, if you were to click "Book" on the aforementioned Airbnb, with Stellar in your back pocket, you'd know that if you had to cancel, you could get the reservation off your hands and avoid losing a ton of money.

Here's how to it works for sellers: So you have insane Taylor Swift tix. We're talking two tickets to the Eras with VIP access in hand with one night at an Italian luxury hotel. It's a package you can't just post on Craigslist (no offense, Craig). So you open Stellar and tell Ella the virtual assistant about your woes. With AI guidance, you'll create a listing by uploading a screenshot of your confirmation, setting your price, agreeing to service fees and, hopefully, selling your tickets. (Buyers cannot make counter-offers, so set your price accordingly). Once somebody is interested, you'll be put in touch to securely make the transfer.

Courtesy of Stellar

Meanwhile, if you're the one browsing the app, you'll be able to nab incredible deals on luxury experiences, from vacation stays to sports and cultural events. Yep—there is, in fact, a Taylor Swift Milan concert and luxury stay package for two for $7,650 (a steal if you ask any Swiftie!).

Even though Stellar is an upscale secondhand market, there are more affordable options too. Take it from one user, Martha M. who was able to score last-minute MLB tickets: “As a Londoner, I’ve wanted to see a live baseball game for years, but never had the chance. Discovering Mets vs. Phillies tickets on STELLAR was amazing—the booking process was totally seamless, and I had the best day with three of my friends. The app is now my go-to for finding the best of the best in travel, dining and events.”

So, if you have a change of plans, and can't make your big family reunion work, don't start panic sweating. You can list it on Stellar to recoup your investment. And if you just so happen to be looking for a last-minute, family-friendly getaway, I think you know where to begin your search.

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