Are you planning to go on holiday soon? Well, if you're going to board a plane, there are certain outfits you should consider leaving behind. Contrary to popular belief, you can't just fly in just any outfit. There are numerous things to look out for when you are taking the plane already, without having to worry about your clothes or accessories.

Whether it is for safety reasons, or simply to be comfortable, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the best airplane outfits. After reading this, you'll probably want to think twice before choosing your clothes and accessories for your flight.

Forget these uncomfortable items when flying

Whether it's a short or long-haul flight, being comfortable in your clothes is essential. The altitude can quickly lead to swelling and cramping, and you want to avoid that at any cost, especially when you are stuck in a seat for hours. To facilitate blood circulation, it's best to choose loose-fitting clothing that's not too tight, so you'll feel comfortable. When it comes to fabrics, the best choices are fluid, breathable fabrics. Linen and cotton are your best friends.

In terms of which cut to choose for your trousers for example, avoid clothes that are difficult to remove. Basics will be your best allies when it comes to getting into the cramped toilet cubicle.

Even before you get on the plane, choosing comfortable clothes can help. If you're running late and have to run through the airport, you'll be glad you're not squeezed into a pair of jeans or a tight-fitting dress to keep you from moving as you please. The same goes for high heels, which should be replaced by a pair of trainers. In the event of an emergency evacuation, you'll be much more comfortable in flat shoes that hold your feet just right.

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You should avoid light clothes when flying

Can't wait to throw on a pair of mini-shorts and a swimsuit and head out into the sun when you arrive at your holiday destination? That's for sure! But don't forget the plane ride, which often means having to put up with the air-conditioning cranked up to the max. Unless you're not sensitive to the cold, spending a handful of hours immobile under the fan has an effect on your body. Even if you're going on holiday in the middle of summer, in very hot weather, you're likely to shiver throughout the flight.

To avoid this uncomfortable situation, it's best to pack a suitable outfit in your hand luggage and opt for the 'onion technique', by wearing several layers. A cardigan, sweatshirt, hoodie or even a shawl over your t-shirt or tank top will guarantee you a peaceful, comfortable flight and avoid thermal shock once you arrive at your destination.

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Forget metal accessories when flying

You've probably already had the experience of ringing the alarm during the airport security check. Any metal object can conduct electricity and cause the alarm to blast throughout the crowded airport. To avoid any inconvenience, avoid all accessories containing metal.

Shoes, belts, handbags and jewelry should be kept away from your body. You can, however, slip them into your carry-on baggage to avoid going through the metal detector and having everyone looking at you when you make it ring.

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