If you prefer solitary walks and quiet hideaways over packed tourist beaches, then the magic of Mortimer Bay is definitely for you.

Located just outside of Hobart, Mortimer Bay Reserve is a picturesque nook of Tasmania that has photographers and nature lovers flocking for the stunning sunsets and scenic hiking.

The Tangara trail is a breathtaking 12km walk that weaves its way along the reserve with coastal views, and allows access for those walking, on mountain bikes and also on horseback.

But it's the amazing beach sunsets that leave visitors' jaws dropping. 

The region is a firm favourite of professional and amateur photographers alike with its soft lighting and enchanting twilight that gives way to vividly memorable sunsets. 

And sunset is when the beauty is just beginning as the natural light display of the aurora australis emblazons the southern night skies with mesmerising beams of colour that rival even the northern lights.

The bay also features what could possibly be 'the most photographed fence in Australia', a moody looking weathered railing that reaches in a westerly direction along the water and is prominent feature in many images of the bay.

Visitors love how peaceful and quiet the adjacent reserve is - with one reviewer commenting that the 'pristine' environment made for an 'amazing' and unforgettable experience.

The reserve itself is 'teeming with bird life' and the views go all the way to Mt Wellington in the distance. 

Those exploring the beautiful shoreline can also discover all kinds of small sea life such as brightly coloured star fish and crabs lurking in the rockpools. 

One visitor was even lucky enough to spot a pod of dolphins playing nearby.

Rosven Giffard is a Tasmanian who was inspired to begin photography after witnessing the stunning display of the southern lights, her work captures the beauty of Hobart and beyond.

Travellers to the area can stay at The Boat Shed in Sandford, a comfortable and modern style cottage overlooking Ralph's Bay, only 1.5km away.

Touch of the MO cafe is a solid 2.5 hour, 10km walk (or a quick drive) from the bay and offers 'great' coffee and some impressive looking brownies that one customer called 'to die for'. 

Only a 30 minute drive from Hobart airport, Mortimer Bay is easily accessible and one of those rare and romantic places that promises to leave you with what one visitor called 'that lost in a dream feeling'.

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