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Literary breaks: 11 UK writers’ houses that are now holiday homes

Agatha Christie South Lodge at Greenway, Devon The main house is so well preserved it’s as if Agatha Christie just stepped outside. In the drawing room it takes little imagination to picture yourself listening to one of her manuscript readings. If you are inclined to detective work, you’ll work out for yourself that the scratch marks on the bedroom door were made by the family dog. Christie’s holiday house, Greenway, is gracious and beautifully...

Tilted buildings around the world, in pictures

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is probably the most famous tilted building in the world, but there are plenty of other striking examples of structures that don’t stand up straight, whether by design or by accident. Here’s a look at some lesser-known lopsided lighthouses, temples, churches, and skyscrapers.

‘Monument to hard graft’: a post-industrial walk on Teesside’s Black Path

On a slow June Sunday back in 2019, I walked the historic Black Path route, from Middlesbrough to Redcar, through the heart of industrial Teesside. I was part of a “sketch-crawl” organised by Black Path Press, a community book publishing project in the South Bank district of Middlesbrough. Artist Philip Boville had been invited along to offer insights into industrial locations along the way. The walk was coordinated with River Tees Rediscovered...

After Cancer at 22, What Comes Next?

In an excerpt from her new book‘Between Two Kingdoms,’ Suleika Jaoad recounts getting her life back after years spent battling cancer.

Disneyland will be allowed to reopen on April 1 but has yet to announce if it will

California Governor Gavin Newsom's "Blueprint for a Safer Economy" announced Disneyland will be allowed to reopen at 15% capacity.

A birder's calendar: where and when to watch Australia's breeding and migration seasons

During Covid lockdown, birds in our backyards have been a source of pleasure and solace. And while we may not need to list every single bird we’ve ever seen, many of us are curious to discover more about our many-splendoured feathered friends. With more than 900 bird species living or migrating here, Australia is home to almost one in 10 of the world’s unique bird species. As Tim Low explains in his excellent book, Where Song Began: Australia’s...

Places where it’s (almost) always night

If you think there’s a lack of sunlight in the winter where you live, imagine a night that lasts a few days—or even several months. That’s what residents of some regions of the world get to experience when the polar night begins. Here are 20 places where it’s almost always night in the winter.

The most beautiful American villages

The United States is much more than noisy metropolises and disreputable cities. From sea to shining sea, the country overflows with magnificent communities boasting distinctive architecture, enchanting scenery, and rich histories. Discover America's 20 most beautiful towns.

Disney World guests with COVID rage spit and yell at resort staff trying to enforce safety guidelines, report says

Employees of Orlando's Walt Disney World Resort told the Orlando Sentinel about the harassment workers face when trying to enforce mask-wearing.

Going anywhere: Australian mystery holidays are back from the 1990s

There’s a lot to consider when booking a holiday these days. Will state borders stay open? What restrictions are in place? Is it safe? Is it worth the risk? The uncertainty has many Australians staying close to home; it’s been a huge summer for regional road trips. But others are seizing new opportunities, strapping themselves into planes and hurtling into the great unknown. This is the idea behind Qantas’ “mystery flights”, a 1990s travel trend...

20 surreal attractions in the middle of nowhere

Located in the middle of nowhere, there are some tourist spots that almost look too beautiful to be real. You don't have to pinch yourself, though, these surreal attractions really do exist—and are definitely worth dusting off your passport for.

What life is like for a family of 4 traveling the world on a 50-foot sailboat

Domonkos and Anna Bosze always dreamt of sailing around the world with their two daughters, and they didn't let the pandemic stop them.

25 fictional places we'd love to visit

For decades, even centuries, a multitude of authors and creators have been inventing dream worlds for their books, television series, or films. Here are a few that stand out for their originality, captivating stories, or idyllic beauty.

A bakery in the tiny town where 'Schitt's Creek' was filmed managed to stay in business through the pandemic partly thanks to a star's glowing review

"Schitt's Creek" fans and Annie Murphy's glowing review of Annina's Bakeshop & Cafe have kept the store's sales at pre-pandemic levels.

20 countries that no longer exist

From ethnic turmoil and civil war to struggles for independence and political mergers, countries come and go over time. Here’s a look at 20 countries that no longer exist.

Americans are so desperate to travel again that 38% of them would give up sex for a year just to go on a trip, new survey shows

A new travel survey from Trivago asked US and UK adults what they would give up to travel again in 2021.

A family of 5 now calls a 42-foot sailboat home even though they've never sailed before. Take a look inside.

Samantha Kalil and her husband left Boston and downsized to live on a sailboat and explore the world while homeschooling their 3 young children.

Jack Wolfskin Wilderness Lite review: A weatherproof hiking boot designed for hillwalkers

The tough and grippy Jack Wolfskin Wilderness Lite was made with long mountain treks – and good comfort – in mind

People trying to leave England without travel form face £200 fine

Travellers who turn up at an airport without a form stating the reason for their trip face fines of £200, the government has announced. From Monday, anyone who is going abroad from England will need to complete and carry a declaration to travel document that can be obtained from the government’s website. The form can be printed or stored on a mobile phone. Under current coronavirus lockdown rules, anyone who wants to travel internationally from...

The Most Breathtaking Road in the Philippines Is Almost Complete

Daang Katutubo cuts a path through the rolling hills of Pangasinan.

10 songs that bring back memories of my travels: Emma John's playlist

Keane O’Hara by John Doyle, John McCusker, Mike McGoldrick I first met the trio behind this track in a hotel on the banks of Loch Lomond. They were recording for a TV series, and the vast window behind them looked out across the water’s placid surface to hills that seemed to constantly change colour, from grey to green to purple to blue. The wistful way this track begins – halfway between melancholy and joy – captures the wild beauty of...

These 9 Airbnbs Have Can't-Miss Winter Views

Since the onset of the pandemic last year, Airbnb bookings have skyrocketed, including in rural areas of the U.S., which saw hosts earn more than $200 million in June — a more than 25 percent increase in earnings compared to the previous year. And the urge to get the hell out of the house and

These space movies will make you travel far, far away

The power of film can send you to places you never thought possible—including outer space. If you’re looking for an escape, a journey to another planet is an exciting option. Here are some of the best films set far away from planet Earth.

The most beautiful parks in the world

National parks often make great places to visit on holiday. These natural havens are a great way to discover local culture and much more besides while taking in majestic landscapes. Here are the 30 most beautiful parks in the world.

The coolest neighbourhoods in North America

Low crime rate, great schools, accessibility to medical services, and pride of ownership are some of the characteristics that make a neighbourhood great. But what makes a neighbourhood cool? The following neighbourhoods all have a few things in common, including: good food, plenty of arts and culture, a vibrant nightlife scene, and, perhaps most importantly, a distinct lifestyle. Here are the coolest neighbourhoods in North America.

Disney World is giving Cinderella Castle, Tower of Terror, and other attractions makeovers for the theme park's 50th anniversary

Most of the decoration changes are temporary, though Disney World says Spaceship Earth's makeover will be permanent.

Travel bookings surge as Cyprus and Portugal reopen to UK tourists

Travel agents have seen a big surge in interest and bookings for holidays abroad since Cyprus and Portugal announced last week that they would be open to British tourists this summer. Most recent holiday bookings are for July and August, however, with a very few in May, which is when Cyprus has said it will start to welcome UK visitors. “Cyprus has always been a favourite for our customers and we’ve seen a real uptick in bookings,” said a...

Book an out-of-this-world vacation. The first-ever 'space hotel' is set to open in 2027.

The space hotel is taking reservations - but a three-day stay will cost around $5 million.

San Francisco to reopen indoor dining, gyms and museums as Covid cases fall

San Francisco will begin reopening more of its economy amid declining Covid-19 case rates, hospitalizations and deaths. Starting on Wednesday, restaurants can start serving limited indoor dining and movie theaters, gyms and museums can reopen at restricted capacity. “This is the beginning of a great time in San Francisco, you save money not buying those plane tickets to go other places. You can enjoy your city, right here right now,” an upbeat...

20 mystical places that may have never existed

Some places are just too good to be true : fabulous lands where knights battle monsters, gold is found on the streets, people don’t age, the gods hold sway, and wine runs in rivers. But as much as these mystical places really capture our imagination, the keys to the kingdoms elude us.

I flew business class for 9 hours, and it made me wish I saved my money and bought an economy ticket

The writer reviewed how safe she felt, which perks she got, and the food she had during an international British Airways flight from Texas to London.

A couple who paid $30,000 to work remotely from a Maldives resort split their time between meetings and scuba diving

Neal Van Beers and partner Charmaine Sanchez have been staying in the resort since December and have called it a home away from home.

Bangkok: a virtual tour through film, food, music and books

Few cities assail the senses as viscerally as Bangkok, from the kinetic cacophony of its street life to its aromatic herbal cures and the incendiary spice of the food. Social distancing has only briefly withheld the touch of Thai massage and the jostle of its markets. Juxtapositions startle the eye, with designs often decided by fortune tellers or sacred colours. Timber shacks abut glitzy towers of novelty shapes in the world’s third least equal...

A Japanese entrepreneur is selecting 8 people for the first civilian trip to the moon and you could join the crew

Pre-registration for the trip is open through March 14, and an initial screening process will begin March 21, according to the mission website.

WATCH: Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino came tumbling down to a cheering crowd in Atlantic City

For many people, the collapse of the 34-story tower symbolizes the fall of Donald Trump's reign in the gambling resort town.

11 Stunning Visa-Free Countries Outside Southeast Asia for Philippine Passport Holders

No visa? No problem.

10 virtual tours of spectacular buildings around the world

While our lives have mostly shrunk to our own four walls – besides the sneak peek of others’ homes glimpsed via Zoom – we can still step into other worlds virtually. Stately homes and fortresses, from Blenheim Palace to Bran Castle (of Dracula fame) have opened digital portals allowing anyone with a laptop the chance to snoop around, without getting off the sofa. Here are 10 of my favourite colourful buildings from the vast eclectic trove...

Stunning photos of UNESCO sites in the U.S.

World Heritage is a designation given to “places on Earth that are of outstanding universal value to humanity” and therefore should be “protected for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.” As of 2020, there are 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the United States. Here are stunning photos from all 24 sites.

Tell us where to see spring in bloom for the chance to win a holiday voucher

It seems spring has finally sprung! Across the UK in parks, fields and woodlands seasonal blossom and spring flowers have started painting the landscape. From flashes of crocuses, to daffodils and cherry blossom, it’s a welcome sight after winter lockdown. The National Trust has launched a project that aims to inspire a UK equivalent of hanami – the Japanese custom of enjoying the sight and scent of spring blossom. And we’d love to hear about...

The most romantic cities in Canada

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be wondering where to take your sweetheart for a romantic getaway. From historic neighbourhoods to remote hideaways, here are 20 of the most romantic cities and destinations in Canada where you can celebrate your love.

A source close to 'Emily in Paris' says it's 'unfair to say' that Golden Globe nominations came after judges were flown out for a luxurious set visit

"It should be recognized and supported that 'Emily In Paris' is a hugely popular and successful show," people familiar with the junket told Insider.

Dating-app con artists are scamming singles up to $900,000 with elaborate fake relationships

2020 has been the most lucrative year yet for dating-app scammers, according to a Federal Trade Commission Report.

Live Like a Duchess In One of These ‘Bridgerton’-Inspired Airbnbs

If you haven’t already restarted Bridgerton at least once since you binged the hit Netflix romance drama when it premiered in December (was it really that long ago?), then you’re likely deep in Bridgerton withdrawal. And our recommended antidote? Clicking through larger-than-life, pulled-straight-from-the-storybooks castles on Airbnb — and imagining yourself in one with the Duke

These Are the Most Popular Destinations in Asia for 2021

According to Tripadvisor.

10 of the best beaches for a winter walk: readers' tips

Winning tip: Seabirds, shipwreck and sorcery, Anglesey Llanddona beach is a long sandy beach stretching to Red Wharf Bay, on the eastern side of Anglesey. Deserted in winter, it’s a wonderful place for adults, children and dogs to stretch their legs, watch the seabirds or gather unusual shells. Discover the medieval fish trap, the shipwreck buried in the sands and wonder where the witches of legend landed centuries ago. Set against a backdrop of...

15 of the best quiet beaches in the British Isles

Tor Bay, Gower When the tide is low, it’s easy to access this beautiful beach via Three Cliffs Bay; when the tide is high, clambering down the footpath is the only option, so, despite being in the popular south Gower, this sandy stretch is virtually empty when others are bustling. The nearest car park is in Penmaen village, a 20-minute walk away. There are no facilities or lifeguards, but for experienced surfers there can be good waves from mid...

‘Tonight will be a great feast’: My mountain rescue in Croatia

The blizzard hit me about two hours after I’d started climbing the mountain. A furious wind drove through the pine trees, making their trunks writhe and groan, and an icy spindrift erased all trace of the landscape below: the foothills of the Velebit mountains and Croatia’s many-islanded Adriatic coastinwinter. From lower ground, the snow had looked like a decorative touch to the mountaintops, and stupidly I had never expected to find myself...

Forbidden archeological sites that are truly wonderful

Did you know that the Lascaux cave and its famous prehistoric paintings have been closed to tourists since 1967? Today, many popular archeological sites are partially restricted or, in some cases, completely off-limits to tourists.

The Most Magical (& Safest) Winter Getaways Around the U.S.—No Matter Your Vacation Style

Chances are you’ve spent a good part of your spare time checking out all the unique getaways on Airbnb just for fun—it’s basically a hobby of mine. But these days, vacation rentals are the safest alternative to hotels and crowded condo stays. So, it’s time to finally treat yourself and your family to the the

The hottest places on Earth

Even for someone who likes the heat, these places may be just a little too hot! Here are 30 of the world’s hottest places, from “coldest” to hottest—a title that three areas are currently claiming!