How America's culture war forced Target to remove Pride products from its shelves

How a Miami Zoo managed to enrage the entire country of New Zealand

PAL International flights moved to NAIA Terminal 1

MANILA, Philippines — International flights of flag-carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) will begin departing and arriving at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 effective June 16. The move aims to ease passenger congestion at all NAIA terminals, according to the Manila International Airport Authority. MIAA officer-in-charge Bryan Co said they would provide free shuttles for two months to pick up passengers who may...

Bearseum in Cavite attracts kids and kids at heart

If you're a fan of teddy bears and cute things, you will love the Bearseum in Amadeo, Cavite! As seen in Vonne Aquino's report on "24 Oras Weekend," Sunday, the teddy bear museum has bears of all shapes and sizes: royal bears, astronaut bears, mermaid bears, Asian bears, and more. The owners of Bearseum said they decided to open a happy place for visitors after feeling stressed in their work. With teddy bears giving us comfort in our childhood,...

These weird animals call Australia home

16 Tourist hotspots in Boise that live up to the hype

The spectacular 165-meter-long ice cave in Tibet

Discovered not long ago, according to local media reports, the ice cave in Penba County, Tibet Autonomous Region, is an arch-shaped cave about 165 metres long, 26 metres wide and 15 metres high. It is currently the largest cave in Tibet.The ice cave is accessible from both ends and reminds many visitors of a crystal palace, especially when the sunlight transforms the atmosphere inside into a dreamlike place. The central part of the cave appears rather dark, which is why visitors are advised to bring a torch.The ice cave is located about six kilometres from the village of Phayum, an area that includes snow-capped mountains and glaciers.

A harvest of books

If you’re reading this on this Sunday morning, then it’s not yet too late for you to find a cab and get yourself over to the World Trade Center in Pasay City to catch the last day of the Philippine Book Festival, and have your favorite Filipino authors sign their books for you. Organized by the National Book Development Board (NBDB) in partnership ...

Losing Home: Stories of Loss and Resistance at Gravity Art Space

Exhibits by Vien Valencia and Len-Len run until June 24.

The tallest skyscraper in the world, the project has been unveiled

Binghatti Properties has officially announced to the world his new, ambitious project. They have already renamed it "Hypertower" and it will be the tallest residential complex in the world, which only in Dubai will exceed the sumptuous height of the sumptuous Princess Tower. The project comprises over 100 floors that consist of sumptuous residences offering two or three bedrooms. This jewel features unique design co-signed and co-designed by the Jacob & Co watch and jewelry brand and Dubai's leading real estate developer, Binghatti. The building includes multiple levels dedicated to amenities: such as an infinity pool overlooking the entire skyline of Dubai, a luxury spa and a gym.

Maya, a 3,000-year-old "highway" discovered in the middle of the forest

A literally unbelievable discovery comes from South America, and specifically from the territories that once belonged to the Mayas, one of the three great pre-Columbian civilisations along with the Incas (Peru) and Aztecs (Mexico). In the territory between present-day Guatemala and Mexico, in fact, a huge network of highways has been discovered.The complex of roads and bridges dates back as far as 3000 years, and the team of scientists who made the discovery compared it in importance to the discovery of the Egyptian pyramids. It is estimated that the 'highway' continues for hundreds of kilometres and intersects some 417 ancient Maya settlements.For this discovery, a new technology called lidar was used, an advanced type of radar that reveals presences hidden by dense vegetation, resulting in 3D reconstructive images.

One major 2022 find in Italy offered new insights into European history

Honolulu Cafe favorites

Honolulu Cafe, a must try egg tarts since 1940, pork bbq buns and best sellers Chinese Roasting favorites. Visit the nearest Honolulu Cafe at Robinson's Place Manila, SM Aura and Greenbelt 5.

Turkish Airlines rises to 8th in strongest airline ranking

THE international leading brand valuation organization Brand Finance has completed its 2023 research on the Strongest Airline Brands of the world. Turkish Airlines ranked 8th with 78.1 points. Turkey's flag carrier, which was in the 31st position in this category in 2022, gained significant momentum and entered the top 10 this year. "We are proud to have risen to 8th place in the Strongest Airline Brands ranking among global airlines. We are...

Mala-waterfall na baha sa ikalawang palapag ng gusali | 24 Oras Weekend

24 Oras Weekend is GMA Network’s flagship newscast, anchored by Ivan Mayrina and Pia Arcangel. It airs on GMA-7, Saturdays and Sundays at 5:30 PM (PHL Time). For more videos from 24 Oras Weekend, visit #GMAIntegratedNews #KapusoStream Breaking news and stories from the Philippines and abroad: GMA Integrated News Portal: Facebook: TikTok: Twitter: Instagram: GMA Network Kapuso programs on GMA Pinoy TV:

Cheap July vacation: Where to go to the beach in Europe while spending little?

Have you already thought about where to go on holiday this summer? July is undoubtedly among the most expensive months of the season and unfortunately because of this, going on holiday to some destinations can become expensive. In this gallery we reveal some destinations, where you can spend your summer holiday, but spend significantly less than average (or at the very least achieve a great holiday value for money). Browse through the photos to discover eight low-cost destinations in Europe.

Check out these 20 scrumptious local specialties when you visit Kyoto

Kyoto Before Tokyo stole the limelight as Japan's capital, Kyoto had been the country's cultural center for about a thousand years. A visit to the Imperial Palace attests to the city's former political importance. Aside from this, spiritual dignity and power emanate from the many Shinto and Buddhist temples that adorn the city’s map. The Golden Pav...

15 Most photo-worthy spots in Singapore!

Lutong Daza goes to Hanoi

Last March 18, my cousin Sandy Daza and I, together with our production crew, boarded Cebu Pacific flight 5J744 bound for Hanoi, Vietnam. The purpose of the trip was to tape two episodes for the first anniversary of our NET25 cooking show, Lutong Daza. Our flight departed NAIA at 5:25 a.m. and we arrived in Hanoi at 8 a.m. local time (Vietnam is an hour behind us). The three-and-a-half-hour flight was uneventful, and I took advantage of the time...

Absurd laws: surprising things that are illegal around the world

Culture vs altitude

The Miami Heat have made it this far by their "Heat culture." They gritted their way as underdogs with no homecourt advantage at any stage. If you look at Jimmy Butler, he is grit personified–tough, hardworking, intense, unafraid. The Denver Nuggets have made it this far by their altitude. Not just their geographical location, with Ball Arena literally a mile high above sea level, thus giving out 17% less oxygen than other venues (like Miami's...

Walt Disney's Standoff with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In summary, Walt Disney never wanted a war with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, but the right-wing political leader went after the company after its former CEO Bob Chapek made a statement criticizing DeSantis' so-called ""don't say gay"" legislation. DeSantis has made a series of petty moves against Disney, but Disney CEO Bob Iger made it clear that his company had other options for its billions of dollars. Disney followed up on this by pulling a $1...

Ilang flights, kinansela dahil sa banta ng bagyong Betty | UB

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One coral reef's stunning rebirth gave hope for the future of our oceans

New tourist buses launched in Makati city | New Day

New tourist buses have been launched in Makati city to offer a seamless experience for local and foreign travellers. Let's hop on this report from EJ Gomez. Visit our website for more #NewsYouCanTrust: Follow our social media pages: • Facebook:• Instagram:• Twitter:

Skyscrapers weigh too much: New York is sinking deeper and deeper

A prestigious American university conducted an in-depth study that showed how New York, and specifically the island of Manhattan, is sinking into the ground at a rate of about 1-2 millimetres every year.The entire area was completely mapped by comparing satellite data with subsurface geology models. In the long term, this geological trend could increase the risk of flooding caused by rising river levels.The city's subsoil is in fact mostly made up of sand, silt, clay sediments and rock outcrops, and the enormous weight of the buildings is starting to become a problem.

Hiroshima: How Japan’s military city became a world capital of peace

Is Jeddah your next dreamy getaway? Check these spots out

Bookmark these beautiful destinations for your trip to Dhaka

Dhaka is known for featuring the National Parliament House which is considered to be the largest shopping mall in South Asia. Aside from this, the city also features other markets where visitors will surely love to shop as well as haggle for the prices they want. In Dhaka you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places li...

Birds are getting increasingly smaller and you’ll never guess why

China throws down the gauntlet: lifted off C919, first domestically produced plane

The C919, China's first domestically produced passenger aircraft, made its maiden flight today, taking off from Shanghai Airport and heading for the capital Beijing. The 164-seat aircraft was built to break the dominance of single-aisle jets from Airbus and Boeing, but still relies on Western components, including engines and avionics. Despite this, Comac, the manufacturer, already has over 1,200 orders, but some experts suggest that most of these orders are just letters of intent from domestic customers.

The 15 best food experiences in Santa Monica

Taiwan eyes 320K Filipino tourists

TAIWAN is ramping up marketing and promotions to attract 320,000 tourists from the Philippines as it targets to recoup pre-pandemic arrival figures. The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office on Saturday said Filipino travelers reached about 510,000 in 2019. "Since Taiwan's border has been open to tourists since October 13 last year, the number of Filipino visitors to Taiwan has grown rapidly, which shows the high enthusiasm of Filipino tourists...

14 Breathtakingly beautiful places in Beaverton

Beaverton is a city in Oregon and is the second-largest city in Washington County. Tualatin Hills Nature Park is a lovely nature park and wildlife preserve home to wetlands, meadows, and creek habitat and is the top wildlife watching area. Cooper Mountain Nature Park is another nature park home to native bird species like bald eagles, Olive-sided f...

Philippines awarded emerging Muslim-friendly destination 2023

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines was awarded as the Emerging Muslim-Friendly Destination of the Year during the recent Halal in Travel Global Summit 2023 in Singapore. The Emerging Muslim-Friendly Destination of the Year (non-OIC) award specifically recognizes destinations that cater to the distinct needs and preferences of Muslim travelers. Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco said the award recognizes “immense opportunities for our country...

Habagat, patuloy na nakaaapekto sa Western, Central, at Southern Luzon

Habagat, patuloy na nakaaapekto sa Western, Central, at Southern Luzon

Alcatraz Island: the prison's true stories and myths

Gear Review: Falco Durant Adventure-Touring Boots

For your less-serious off-roader, but for your serious long-distance adventure-tourer.

Here is what you should never wear when you're on a plane

Are you planning to fly somewhere this summer? If you want to spend a few hours in the air comfortably, it's best to choose your outfit carefully.

Japan and Sri Lanka: Return of old friends

LONDON: On May 24, Sri Lanka President Ranil Wickremesinghe arrived on a three-day official visit to Japan, his second visit to the country, having attended the state funeral of former prime minister Shinzo Abe last September. This would also be President Wickremesinghe's second summit with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, the first having been on the sidelines of the Shinzo Abe funeral, signaling the importance of Japan in Sri Lanka's...

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Best Travel & Tourism stocks to follow in 2023.

Travel and tourism is a broad category, with a diverse list of well-known brands. Ecotourism is a fast-growing niche, especially among young travelers. Tourism sector has been perhaps the hardest hit part of the economy by the COVID-19 pandemic. This list presents some of the best travel and tourism stocks to track in the post-pandemic era. The list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

Bahagi ng Kennon Road, natabunan ng rockslide! | GMA News Feed

Hindi madaanan ang isang bahagi ng Kennon Road sa Benguet matapos itong matabunan ng malalaking tipak ng bato. Dahil kasi sa malakas na ulang dala ng Bagyong Betty, lumambot ang lupa roon at nagkaroon ng rockslide. Ang ilang residente, napilitan pang umakyat sa guho para lang makatawid sa kalsada. Ang detalye sa pangyayari, panoorin sa video.

Airlines in Russia are still buying tens of millions in sanctioned parts

Headed to Fresno? Tempt your palate with these 6 local delicacies

Ten curiosities about the Eiffel Tower that (maybe) you didn't know

One of the world's most iconic landmarks, the Eiffel Tower is the famous iron tower of Paris and one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The 324-metre high tower was built in 1889 for the Universal Exhibition in Paris. In short, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most important symbols of France and a landmark for tourists from all over the world. Its construction, history and characteristics make it a unique and spectacular monument. Browse the gallery to discover some interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower.

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Why is the water of Venice's Grand Canal green?