CHINESE Ambassador to Manila Huang Xilian on Wednesday said the return of Chinese tourists to the Philippines is one of the "deliverables" of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.s' state visit to China.

Together with Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco, Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Cesar Chiong and Xiamen Air staff, Huang on Tuesday welcomed travelers from China at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

"As epidemic situation continues to improve and life gradually returns to normal in China, we're happy to see a growing number of Chinese tourists coming back to the Philippines," Huang said. "We're also glad that the Philippines becomes one of the first 20 countries that the Chinese government puts on a pilot program to resume outbound group travel for Chinese citizens."

"This is an important step to implement one of the many deliverables of President Marcos' state visit to China," Huang said in a statement.

The ambassador believes that "more and more Chinese tourists will come to the Philippines in the near future."

He said the Chinese Embassy and consulates in the Philippines "are always home to overseas Chinese citizens and ready to assist them."

"We hope and believe that the Philippine government will continue to provide convenience and facilitation to Chinese tourists and ensure a pleasant, convenient and safe journey," Huang added.

Frasco agreed that the arrival of Chinese tourists "signals a very auspicious start to the New Year and indicates a positive result of President Bongbong Marcos Jr.'s state visit to China."

"We anticipate even more Chinese tourists to arrive, which will greatly help us in our efforts to transform and recover the tourism industry. Our intention is not only to regain our pre-pandemic numbers but to exceed them. We know that the relationship between the Philippines and China will only further improve in the years to come with the stance of both our governments," she added.

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