The family of a missing mountain climber are in mourning after he was found lifeless when he tragically fell to his death.

Marcelo Delvaux, from Brazil, vanished during his climb from Nevado Coropuna in the city of Arequipa in Peru on June 30. The experienced climber, who is believed to be one of the best mountaineers in his country, didn't survive the catastrophic fall, which was 21,079 feet above sea level.

He was discovered lifeless after he plunged into the crater of Peru's fourth-highest mountain. His family revealed the details of the tragedy as they bravely spoke out about his death. They hired expert guides who met with the police to search for him on July 4. The major search operation was called off on Sunday. His sister, Patricia Delvaux, said: "When they got up there, they found his poles stuck in the ice and the crack open, which is where he fell and probably died instantly. Because he was unable to activate the GPS's 'SOS', we assume he fell there."

Fellow hiker Pedro Hauck, who is also a friend of Marcelo, earlier wrote on a blog on June 25: "More technical and more beautiful than the normal one. Very much like Marcelo, who doesn't follow normal paths and tries to make his own, avoiding famous places." According to his pal, the popular climber reached Navado Coropuna's summit at around 3pm local time and began his trek down 30 minutes later. However, the GPS stopped tracking his location and displayed similar behaviours to when a GPS signal is lost, reports Daily Mail.

Hauck said: "What if Marcelo had dropped the GPS and it had rolled into a crevasse? That could explain why he hadn't contacted anyone." He further said his friend's trekking poles were detected on Saturday morning, before the search team saw his tent at the base of the mountain. "Perhaps on the way up, he used them to signal the best place to cross, but on the way down he ended up losing support and our friend disappeared into its cold, dark interior," he said. Marcelo spent most of the year hiking and fulfilling his role as a tour guide at the Andes mountain range in South America.

Social media users have since commented underneath Marcelo's Instagram page to pay tribute to the well-known climber. One person said: "Very sad... Good person with passion for mountains! He was giving great tips on everything related to mountaineering in the group where we were planning a mountain in Bolivia.. didn't have time to roll... Now Marcelos is forever in the places he loved the most." Another commented: "Great mountaineer and human being, I had the pleasure of doing two mountains in the Andes under his leadership, thank you Marcelo."

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