Jetting off to distant shores can be expensive, but thanks to advice from a seasoned travel expert, more affordable airfares could be on the horizon.

For savvy travellers who like their flights to cost less than lunch at the airport, choosing which day to fly can make a big difference to the price you pay for your ticket. By carefully choosing when to fly and where you are headed you could be enjoying yourself somewhere far from home for less in 2024.

Leading travel tour operator Ski Vertigo spoke to a pilot who revealed that a Sunday evening is one of the best times to book flights for significant savings, proving that bagging a bargain flight is a brilliant way to start the week. The pilot went on to emphasise five excellent reasons why booking a flight departing on a Sunday could see significant savings for travellers from the UK.

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1. Less business travellers

Business travellers typically take to the air on weekdays, especially on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons, to fit in with their busy schedules. By Sunday evening, most of them have already locked in their plans for the week ahead, meaning demand drops and so do prices. This pattern is seen all across the world, so if you are looking to score a great deal on flights, Sunday evenings are your time to shine.

2. Weekend price adjustments

Airlines frequently update their prices over the weekend, responding to booking trends from the past week. By Sunday evening, they're eager to adjust fares to fill any remaining seats for the upcoming week. This results in lower prices as airlines aim to maximize flight occupancy. For UK travellers, this can mean fantastic deals when these adjustments come into play.

3. Last-minute deals

To avoid empty seats, airlines tend to offer last-minute deals over the weekend. By Sunday evening, they might release these discounted fares to ensure that as many seats as possible are filled before the start of the new week. This can be particularly advantageous for travellers who book flights at this time, as airlines try to boost sales with attractive pricing.

4. Optimal Booking Window

Booking flights several weeks in advance is known to yield better prices, and this principle holds true worldwide. For UK travellers, booking flights on a Sunday evening within the optimal booking window of 30-45 days before departure can lead to significant savings. This period allows travellers to take advantage of the best available fares before prices start to rise as the departure date approaches.

5. Less competition from fellow travellers

Many travellers making plans for a getaway tend to book flights earlier in the weekend or during work hours. By Sunday evening, this rush has typically subsided, leading to less competition for available flights. This reduced competition can result in lower fares, as airlines do not face the same level of booking activity and are more inclined to offer better deals to attract the remaining pool of travellers.

A pilot, who spoke to Ski Vertigo, commented on the findings:

"Booking flights on Sunday evenings is not just about catching lower prices; it's also a strategic move to navigate airline pricing algorithms. Airlines typically reset their booking systems on Sundays, often leading to fare adjustments based on the week's demand and occupancy trends. This reset can result in fare drops as airlines aim to balance seat availability with competitive pricing. For travellers, this means a window of opportunity where they might find flights that are not only affordable but also offer a wider range of seat options.

"Beyond the immediate savings, Sunday evening bookings allow travellers to avoid the mid-week price hikes often caused by last-minute business travel bookings and mid-week vacation planners. This time slot is less congested, making it easier to spot and secure deals without the rush and stress of peak booking times.

"Travellers can also take advantage of flexible ticket policies that are sometimes more generous at the start of the week, providing peace of mind with options for changes or cancellations if plans shift unexpectedly. This blend of strategy, timing, and flexibility makes Sunday evening an optimal choice for smart travellers."

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