"The wheel has been recovered in Los Angeles, and we are investigating what caused this event," the airline said in a statement to PEOPLE

A second United Airlines flight lost a tire shortly after takeoff this week.

On Monday, July 8, Flight 1001 "landed safely in Denver after losing one wheel on takeoff from Los Angeles International Airport," a United Airlines spokesperson said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

"The wheel has been recovered in Los Angeles, and we are investigating what caused this event," they added.

The plane was a Boeing 757-200 and there were 174 passengers on board, plus seven crew members.

The airline also confirmed that there were "no reported injuries on the aircraft or on the ground" during the incident.

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The Federal Aviation Administration told PEOPLE it was investigating, and that the plane had "landed safely" at Denver International Airport around 10:10 a.m. local time.

Passenger Allen Stubblefield told Good Morning America that the plane "landed with a thump." "The plane was going straight down the runway," he continued, admitting, "It felt normal."

Monday's incident comes after a wheel fell off United Airlines Flight 35 — which was headed to Osaka, Japan — on March 7.

The plane was diverted to L.A. shortly after taking off from San Francisco International Airport when the wheel fell off the Boeing 777-200 aircraft, an United Airlines spokesperson told PEOPLE at the time. 

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There were 235 customers, 10 flight attendants and four pilots on board.

As previously reported by PEOPLE, the wheel landed on two vehicles in the airport's employee parking lot, causing quite a bit of damage.

"We’re grateful to our pilots and flight attendants for their professionalism in managing this situation," the airline said in a statement at the time, adding that the plane was "designed to land safely with missing or damaged tires," and had 12 tires on both of its main landing gear struts.

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"We’re also grateful to our teams on the ground who were waiting with a tug to move the aircraft soon after it landed and to our teams in the airport who assisted customers upon their arrival. We will work with customers as well as with the owners of the damaged vehicles in SFO to ensure their needs are addressed," the airline continued.

The latest wheel incident came hours before PEOPLE reported Boeing would plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States as part of an agreement with the Justice Department. 

The charge relates to two fatal 737 MAX 8 jet crashes that killed a combined 346 people, stemming from the 2018 crash of a Lion Air flight and the 2019 crash of an Ethiopian Airlines flight

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