A local’s guide to Istanbul: mosques, slow-cooked kebabs and the magnificent Bosphorus

Lisa Morrow has lived in the city since 2010 and blogs at Inside Out In Istanbul Food The types of food available in Istanbul reflect its diverse population. Ficcin Erra Goppa, in the backstreets of the busy Taksim district, serves particularly good ficcin, a flat pastry meat pie from the Circassian territory – in northern Turkey on the other side of the Caspian Sea. For a heartier meal I usually head over to Siirt Şeref Büryan Kebap Salonu,...

Airbnb will hide guests' names to stop hosts assuming their race in efforts to tackle discrimination – but only in one US state

The new policy – that only affects Oregon – is one of several implemented in recent years as the platform grapples with racial bias.

A Canadian flight is being investigated after maskless influencers posted videos while drinking and vaping on the plane

Videos show the passengers — some of which are reality TV stars — dancing in the aisle, passing around vodka, and blowing smoke into the camera.

Novak Djokovic was given just 20 minutes at 4 in the morning to find evidence for his vaccine exemption

The Serbian had his visa revoked in the early hours of Thursday morning by the Australian Border Force, but it has since been reinstated.

Husky sledding, skiing and walking with wolves: 10 winter adventures to try around Britain

Husky sledding, Malvern Hills The Malvern Hills might not be the most obvious place for a dog-sledding adventure, but Arctic Quest, situated just outside Tewkesbury, offers thrilling rides and a chance to get fully involved with the pack. With only four people per session, visitors get plenty of hands-on time with the dogs, before learning how to “mush”, and embarking on a first brief ride. Once you’re feeling confident, the trails get longer...

Blooming marvels: where to find 10 of Britain’s best snowdrop displays

Cringletie House Hotel, Peeblesshire It’s said that soldiers returning from the Crimea brought back Cringletie’s first snowdrops. Thanks to a 30-year restoration programme of the garden, the grounds of this 28-acre estate in the Scottish borders are generously filled with them, and the nature trail is free for everyone. Other highlights include a walled garden dating from the 16th century, and 19th-century Cringletie House has 16 delightful...

Unsurprisingly, Getting COVID-19 on a Cruise Is Awful

Enjoy the complimentary moldy oranges and windowless rooms.

Disney World revealed in a video that its famous, giant gingerbread houses are fed to Florida bees every year

Each holiday season, Disney World displays giant, handmade gingerbread houses at two of its most luxurious hotels.

I'm a mom of 2 on an island in Alaska. Here's how I keep my kids entertained during the dark days of winter.

With the sun setting at 2 p.m., the author shares all the things she does to keep her two young children entertained on short, cold days.

Ricardo Bofill: the outsider architect who gave 60s Spain a sci-fi makeover

A dazzling pink castle perches atop the coastal cliffs of Calpe, near Alicante in southern Spain, its pastel turrets standing like a coral outcrop above the shore. The high fortified walls hide a vertical maze of staircases and terraces within, painted in shades of baby blue, lilac and red, opening out on to the sparkling waters of hidden rooftop pools. This candy-coloured citadel of holiday apartments is the work of Ricardo Bofill, the maverick...

The first planes carrying aid made it to Tonga several days after it was devastated by a tsunami

Planes were initially unable to land on the island due to a thick layer of ash from the volcanic eruption on January 15, 2022.

Disney World fans are waiting over 6 hours in line to buy a $25 popcorn bucket, with some begging those in front to buy them one for $100

The limited-edition popcorn bucket, shaped like the character Figment, was created for Epcot's 2022 International Festival of the Arts.

Seals, the circus and seaside walks: a car-free break on the Norfolk coast

Every winter, thousands of grey seals give birth on the beaches near Winterton-on-Sea. By late November this year, the Friends of Horsey Seals had already counted 1,172 pups, with many more on the way. The Friends have looked after the growing colony since 2012, to make sure visitors can watch safely without disturbing the wildlife. I’m alarmed that one fluffy white pup seems to be bleeding, until a warden points out the red streak is the...

UK tourism industry in peril as overseas visitors stay away

Last year’s boom in British summer holidays was not enough to save thousands of tourism businesses, despite increased domestic bookings to popular places such as Cornwall and the Yorkshire Dales. A survey by the Tourism Alliance of 1,927 tour operators, hotels, attractions, language schools and other travel and hospitality businesses serving foreign tourists found that 11% believe they are “very likely to fail” in 2022, and a total of 41% think...

Truckers on I-95 are sharing water and supplies with other drivers as they remain stranded for nearly a whole day in the frigid cold

Drivers became stuck on Virginia's I-95 road on Monday, and are still waiting to be freed. Many said they were worried about running out of supplies.

Thailand to Restart Quarantine-Free Travel from Feb. 1

It requires two COVID tests.

US flight cancellations and delays threaten global New Year travel chaos

Thousands of flights within the United States and internationally were delayed and hundreds were canceled early on New Year’s Eve, adding to the tally of delays and cancellations during the holiday week due to adverse weather conditions and rising cases of the Omicron coronavirus variant. Over 2,400 flights were canceled globally as of early Friday, including over 1,100 flights within the United States or entering or departing it, according to a...

Air travel in and out of UK slumps by 71% in 2021 amid pandemic

Air travel in and out of the UK slumped by 71% in 2021 as the second year of the Covid-19 crisis took its toll on international flying, according to a report. Just over 406,000 international flights operated from the UK this year compared with almost 1.4m in 2019 before the pandemic struck and travel restrictions were imposed, said the aviation analytics firm Cirium in research reported by the BBC. UK domestic flights were found to have declined...

Fall in love with art: delight in collecting paintings

Some people are art collectors. I’m not one of those. I’m not rich enough and, even if I were, I’m not interested in that kind of acquisition. I’m just someone who likes pictures a lot and who buys as many as I possibly can. Naturally, this depends – mostly – on my funds at any given moment. But not exclusively. When my passion first overcame me, after all, I was about as broke as it was possible for a salaried person to be. It was 1992, and I...

Walk like a Minoan: hiking and foraging in eastern Crete

Like swirling paper scraps from a bonfire, the charcoal-winged vultures circled high overhead. When I imitated a lamb’s bleat they circled closer, stretching their massive wings and craning long wrinkled necks. The bone-white rocks of the Gorge of the Dead was a fitting backdrop for these pterodactyl-like birds – I could have been in a scene from Jurassic Park. Named not for the hikers that have perished here (happily none has) but because it’s...

Some former Emirates employees say officers known internally as 'weight police' monitor and punish cabin-crew members deemed too heavy

Some former Emirates staff say image is crucial to the airline and that there's an internal group of officers ensuring workers meet its standards.

This Flight Add-On Lets You Avail COVID Insurance for Less Than P500

It can cover up to P2.5 million medical expenses for international travel.

People are flocking to try a luau-themed Chick-fil-A, but chefs and experts say there's nothing Hawaiian about it

Our reporter thought the food was tasty, but she spoke with experts in Hawaiian food and culture who said the menu and decor aren't traditional.

US airliner turns back in mid-flight after passenger defies mask rule

AN American Airlines jetliner headed from Miami to London turned around in mid-flight Thursday because a passenger refused to wear a Covid mask, the airline said. "American Airlines flight 38 with service from Miami to London returned to MIA due to a disruptive customer refusing to comply with the federal mask requirement," the airline said. Police were waiting when the Boeing 777 carrying 129 passengers and a crew of 14 landed back in Miami....

I've worked on cruise ships for 6 years. Here are 10 unique things I always pack.

After working on cruises for six years, here's what I pack for my time on board, from formal dresses and hats to a portable charger and earplugs.

A TikToker who tested positive for COVID-19 on a cruise reveals what it was like to isolate on the ship

From cold meals to being escorted by a hazmat-clad crew, TikToker Travis Shields details his experience isolating for three days onboard.

10 of the UK’s best botanical hothouses for a winter warm-up

There are many ways to get some winter heat into your bones. Some countries swear by saunas; others partake of hot springs or sweat lodges. In Britain, however, there is an alternative that doesn’t involve taking your clothes off: the tropical hothouse. Early practitioners of hothouse horticulture faced formidable obstacles: in the 15th century, alchemist George Ripley suffered death for making a pear tree, “fructify in winter”. It was Victorian...

A California woman who was charged with punching a flight attendant in the face pleaded guilty to a federal charge

Vyvianna M. Quinonez, 28, of Sacramento, California, faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, according to prosecutors.

Foraged feasts and BFG footprints: my car-free break in the Chilterns

Sunlight slants through the woodsmoke. Inside a big, fairy-lit tipi, tables are decked with candles and fresh maple branches. I’m just starting a five-day car-free break in the Chilterns, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) with easy access by train, Metropolitan Line tube, and two new bus routes that started in August 2021. My favourite car-free walk in the area is a circuit from Tring station up the Ridgeway to Ivinghoe Beacon and...

I moved from New York City to Los Angeles. Here are the 6 things that surprised me the most.

After growing up on the East Coast, there were a number of things that surprised me about the pace and lifestyle of people on the West Coast.

Welcome to Cabeça, the Christmas capital of Portugal

José Galvão does not look much like an elf. At 79, he has the weather-burned face and strong labourer’s hands of a man born in the mountains of central Portugal. Yet, for months he’s been beavering away behind the scenes to bring to life what must be one of the world’s friendliest and least showy Christmas celebrations. Every Christmas for the past eight years, the 170 or so residents of Cabeça in the Serra de Estrel mountain range transform...

Canadian influencers who partied maskless on a plane are stranded in Mexico because airlines won't fly them home

At least three Canadian airlines have declined to accommodate the 100 party-goers after videos surfaced of their maskless bash in the skies.

7 Small Towns in the U.S. That Are Basically Winter Wonderlands for Outdoor Exploration

Bookmark them for your next seasonal outdoor adventure.

Fresh powder: the best French ski resorts you’ve never heard of

The recent change in travel advice allowing UK citizens to travel to France again has put the country back on the agenda for the ski season. While skiers scramble to secure packages to the famous mega-resorts, there are dozens of smaller, lesser-known ski villages that offer excellent value for money while combining thrilling skiing with old-time charm and glorious natural surroundings. Here are a few that offer a change of scene and pace....

Novak Djokovic is now being investigated over claims he misled authorities about his movements before he flew to Australia

The Serbian had declared he did not or would not travel in the 14 days prior to his trip to Australia, but social media posts show otherwise.

Rebuilding Odette-stricken areas

A visitor traveling to Siargao can see from the air a tear-drop shaped island; once upon a time, a patch of green-covered earth. This was what I saw years ago as the plane descended on the famed island paradise. Anyone who has seen a glimpse of life in Siargao knows that the country’s surfing capital is full of warmth, zest, and life. Its people are kind, sentient beings, dreamers living their dream of a simple and laid-back, yet meaningful...

This Device Suctions Out Blackheads Like a Vacuum, and the Results Are Oddly Satisfying

At-home skin-care devices can be a great way to maintain professional beauty treatments at home.The Dermaflash Dermapore Pore Extractor and Serum Infuser claims to assist in the removal of dirt, oil, and blackheads.One editor put those claims to the test and was surprised by the results.

Share your favourite running route in the UK and Europe – you could win a holiday voucher

The best things about running or jogging are that it costs very little (for basic kit), doesn’t eat into the day, lifts your mood, and can take you to parts other sports cannot reach. No surprise, then, that an estimated 7 million people across the country (almost one in 10 of us) have taken up running since Covid started. So we’d like to know where your favourite runs take you in the UK (and Europe now that things are opening up a little) –...

‘Her lust for adventure was honey for me’: readers’ favourite travel books

Winning tip: Spain and Portugal before tourism Fabled Shore is Rose Macaulay’s account of her journey in 1949, alone and by car, round the coast of Iberia from Catalonia to the Algarve. She found dire poverty and the Spain she describes, still reeling from civil war, is unrecognisable to us now. Today’s tourist hotspots were then empty, pristine beaches with ramshackle houses, sometimes only with a barn to sleep in, and curious children who...

For epic trees and eco rays of hope, take a train to Epping Forest

I’m no slouch, but I’m struggling to keep up with Jeremy Dagley as he opens a gate off the A104, the main road through Epping Forest, and bounds into the woods. He is the head of conservation here and charmingly eager to show me his work. I had assumed his job would be all wellies and fleeces, clippings and handfuls of soil. The reality is he spends a lot of time indoors helping local councils with planning applications, making sure they are...

Christmas at the Castle

Actress-turned-princess Cleopatra Oettingen-Spielberg embraces Bavarian tradition for the holidays.

Tonga man describes surviving at sea for 27 hours after being swept away by tsunami

Lisala Folau, who says he struggles to walk, told local radio he was swept away by a tsunami wave and eventually brought to the country's main island.

Adele tearfully postpones Las Vegas residency a day before first show due to COVID delays

Adele shared a video on social media explaining that her concerts had to be postponed due to "delivery delays" and her team catching COVID-19.

A local’s guide to Bologna: from belt-busting pasta to craft cocktails

Kevin Raub is an American travel journalist based in Bologna. He is co-author of more than 100 Lonely Planet guidebooks. Food Bologna is the capital of arguably Italy’s most important food region, Emilia-Romagna, a storied territory whose kitchens have given birth to a long list of specialities famous the world over. Lasagne, ragù, tortellini, mortadella, parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar all hail from here. At Pasta Fresca Naldi, a tiny...

A peculiar beauty: strolling on a new trail around Kent’s Hoo peninsula

At the water’s edge stands a second world war pillbox, a magnet for hundreds of roosting birds. A flock takes to the wing and, through my binoculars, I make out curlew and brent geese; in the distance a pink container ship slinks slowly along the horizon. There’s no one around, the clarity of the cold morning light on the Thames adding to the sense of remoteness. I’m on the Isle of Grain, at the tip of the Hoo peninsula in north Kent, being...

I spent a week in a 400-year-old tiny home with a grass roof for $187 a night. Here's what it was like.

I rented a grass-roof tiny house in Tjørnuvík in the Faroe Islands. After seven days, I didn't want to leave the magical place.

4 tips for living in a small space, according to cruise-ship workers

Cruise-ship employees have to make the most out of their small living quarters. Here's how they make it work.

I'm a New Yorker who visited California for the first time. Here are 9 things that surprised me most.

As an East Coast native, I was completely blown away by my first trip to Southern California. From daily sunshine to shopping, here's what shocked me.

Spaces for pondering, meditating, praying and ‘being’: 10 of Britain’s best small pilgrimage sites

If the holiday period has left you in need of some calm, the Small Pilgrim Places Network might have the answer. Founded by the late Reverend Jim Cotter, the network consists of meditative places, gardens, holy wells, ruins, churches and open spaces in England and Wales that are “small, simple, welcoming and inclusive”. The network’s online directory lists more than 70 places, from an ancient church carved from a quarry crag to woodland...

Over 4,000 flights canceled ahead of Christmas due to a spike in Omicron COVID-19 infections

Thousands of flights on Christmas Eve and Christmas have been canceled on airlines including United Airlines, Delta, and JetBlue.