( We all have our favorites. Whether that be in terms of colors, movies, musical acts, travel destinations, and heck, even train stations—as proven by a recent discussion online that propelled the Light Rail Transit Authority to post a reminder about the Betty Go-Belmonte Station along Aurora Boulevard. And it all started when one Twitter user dropped a rather biting question online, quoted exactly: "meron ba talagang bumababa o sumasakay ng betty go belmonte station". 

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LRT-2 drops reminder about Betty Go-Belmonte Station after viral tweet questions use

The tweet, dropped on May 23, now has more than 800 quote replies. We'll admit, it's a fair question, hence the fiery discussions. Compared to how crowded other stations get, like say MRT-3 Cubao which is not too far off from the Aurora one, Betty Go-Belmonte remains a pretty lax station throughout the day. As multiple people online said, it was "giving Santolan-Annapolis energy."

PhilStar online reignited the discussion on Facebook with a now viral-too post on May 25, asking which train station your bias is. Fitting move, seeing that the Betty Go-Belmonte station is named after the very same journalist who founded The Philippine STAR broadsheet in the '80s.


There were those who came to the defense of the station, mostly quoting how convenient it is for them, and more often, how much nicer of a space it is (probably precisely because not as many people use it). Don't lie, we know you've seen those aesthetic TikToks of the Antipolo Station. OP Twitter user @mondaycleaners even tweeted their own fave station, Katipunan, because it was used in upcoming SBSG Pictures film please, remember this night. In other words, some train stations become a fave because they're a vibe. 

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To answer the hit tweet seriously though, the Light Rail Authority posted to their Facebook page on May 26 exactly what the station is all about, beyond the calm city vibes and smooth tone of "Paparating na sa Betty Go-Belmonte Station." 

Yup, they even dropped OP's Twitter handle in the graphic in case the catalyst is unclear. "Maraming eskwelahan at religious institution ang matatagpuan sa Betty Go- Belmonte Station," they said in the caption, alongside a #AlamKoNa. They also dropped ridership stats; meaning that a record 2,280 passengers used the train station on March 17. And that's just so far this year. So there you have it, don't disrespect the Betty Go-Belmonte Station if you can't take the heat. 

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