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(SPOT.ph) By now you're probably more than excited for the gates of Arendelle to open at Hong Kong Disneyland. World of Frozen is officially welcoming guests and while everyone's attention is set on the rides, the vibe, and everything in between, you're forgetting one key thing: what can you buy at this magical land? Yep, there's more to Anna and Elsa's abode than a fancy new rollercoaster and a breathtaking view. Below, we list down some of the must-buy items (with price conversion!) from each of the available gift shops and stops. Happy shopping!

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Here are some of the must-buy items you can find at World of Frozen in Hong Kong Disneyland:

Tick Tock Toys & Collectibles

Price range: HKD 29 to HKD 799 (roughly P208 to PP5,735).

What to buy: Tick Tock Toys & Collectibles is home to various toys, keepsakes, and collectibles featuring your favorite Frozen characters. There are also various Nordic-inspired gifts and lifestyle products available for sale.

Check out some of these products:

World of Frozen Postcard (HKD 29, roughly P208)

Elsa Nail Sticker Set (HKD 69, roughly P495)

World of Frozen Scrunchies Set (HKD 159, roughly P1,141)

Anna Pet Costume (HKD 229, roughly P1,643)

Traveling Traders

Price range: HKD 69 to HKD 299 (roughly P495 to P2,146)

What to buy: Traveling Traders is a merchandise cart that pretty much sells anything and everything under the sun. Think Anna and Elsa plushies, hair accessories, and even Frozen-themed pins if you're into collecting.

Check out some of these products:

World of Frozen Anna and Elsa Pin - Set of 2 (HKD 109, roughly P782)

Marshmallow Shoulder Plush (HKD 119, roughly P854)

Anna Plush Key Chain (HKD 169, roughly P1,213)

Northern Delights

Price range: HKD 69 to HKD 369 (roughly P465 to P2,649)

What to buy: While predominantly a sweets shop, Northen Delights is also home to a series of cookware, cookbooks, and other household items.

Check out some of these products:

Assorted Color Chocolates (HKD 139, roughly P994)

Assorted Chocolate Sables Fourres (HKD 259, roughly P1,851)

World of Frozen is at Hong Kong Disneyland. Buy tickets for this attraction on Klook. For more information, visit Hong Kong Disneyland's website.

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