ocean city boardwalk The boardwalk is alive all day long, with bike riders in the morning, beach goers during the day and amusement thrill seekers and shopper's at night. The centerpiece of the boardwalk is the Music Pier an iconic entertainment venue full of events, shows and concerts.

In Ocean City you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Best Ocean City Campgrounds, Oceanic Fishing Pier, and Northside Park and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Best Ocean City Campgrounds

Ocean City has many facilities available within a half-hour distance with bayside and oceanside tents and RV campgrounds. The Assateague Island is a popular camping destination in Ocean with access to kayaking, hiking, bike trails, and other recreational activities. Camping in the Maryland region and on the eastern shore of Delaware and Virginia is the best experience, with lots of camping options.

2. Oceanic Fishing Pier

Oceanic Fishing Pier is a seasonal fishing and crabbing pier that offers day and night services for fishing a selection of bait, flounder, rockfish, bluefish, croakers, shad, sharks, and many more exciting species. The tour is a breathtaking experience with beautiful sunsets.

3. Northside Park

Northside Park, located in Maryland, United States, is a favorite family destination as guests can play various sports in the park. It is a popular place featuring three courts perfect for softball and baseball, where guests can play an exciting round with friends and families.

4. Frontier Town Western Theme Park

While the youngsters run down the waterslides, you may relax on the Lazy River that winds through the Water Park. Play 18 holes of Miniature Golf in a tranquil location surrounded by waterfalls and shade trees. In the High Ropes Adventure Park, zipline across the jungle while powering past obstacles. The Western Theme Park, with its iconic Wild West Shows and Native American Village, transports you back in time.

5. Marty's Playland

Marty's Playland is a video arcade that was established in 1930. It is one of the largest game and prize selections in Ocean City. It offers several video games, cranes, air hockey, vintage pinball, skee-ball, and PacMan. In conjunction with the gaming arcade, it also features several vacation apartments on the second floor.

6. Marty's Playland

Marty’s Playland is an affordable amusement park that offers massive fun for all ages with a super selection of vintage and modern arcade games and features video games, cranes, air hockey, vintage pinballs, and a famous boardwalk. The Playland has a full arcade on the first floor and has several vacation rooms on the second floor.

7. Splash Mountain Water Park

The Splash Mountain Water Park is the number one water park in the country and is kid-friendly with a water coaster, half-pipe slide, lazy river, and other entertainments. The Master Blaster water ride is the first waterslide to go uphill. This park has friendly staff and has water rides for all ages.

8. Ocean City Lifesaving Station Museum

Ocean City Lifesaving Station Museum, located in Maryland, United States, remains an iconic museum as guests can learn more about the city's rich history and how it intertwines with the sea. The museum also features engaging exhibits about rescue missions where they saved the lives of mariners.

9. Fun City Arcade

The Boardwalk in Ocean City has that calming seaside atmosphere where visitors can get lost in. The paths along the shore, lined with benches and beautiful streetlamps, lead to various establishments that emit delicious smells of snacks like pizza or French fries. But amidst all these wonderful attractions stand Fun City Arcade, a perfect complement to your Boardwalk visit. Near the calming sounds of crashing waves and the refreshing sea breeze lies this amusement center. Arcade games that involve car racing, shooting, and sports like basketball can be enjoyed here. You can also win prizes in some of the games, making this arcade a good place for a fun romantic date or for a family night out.

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