Goats were seen wandering freely at Cedar Point days after another incident happened with two camels

These goats were literally thinking outside of the box with their recent stroll.

On Saturday, June 15, at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, dozens of goats were seen on the loose. This incident comes days after two camels were meandering outside of their designated pens. 

In a TikTok video captured by Alyssa Werner, the goats can be seen wandering around, passing by the visitors and trying to stay together like a herd. 

At one point, they come together and follow a man as he walks down the central path. Meanwhile, the alpacas look on from their designated pen as the goats run freely. 

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Some guests tried to pet the goats, while others took out their phones to capture the unusual moment of the goats strolling the Frontier Trail’s public path. 

"On Saturday, several goats from The Barnyard (the park’s petting zoo) were observed walking outside of their enclosure on the Frontier Trail section of the park," Tony Clark, Cedar Point's director of communications, told PEOPLE in a statement.

"We have been in contact with Honey Hill Farm, the family-operated farm which operates and staffs The Barnyard, to discuss the incident and the actions that are being taken, including 24-hour surveillance of the area, to ensure the security and well-being of the animals," the statement added.

This isn't the first time animals got loose from their enclosures at the Ohio park. On Tuesday, June 11, two camels were seen wandering Cedar Point in viral videos of the incident.

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The camels, who are named Sampson and Artie according to NBC affiliate 3News, were returned to their designated spots not long after their quick adventure, which left no one hurt. 

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"The camels decided to take an unplanned stroll just outside their home at The Barnyard (our ‘petting zoo’ area on the Frontier Trail) but were quickly returned,” Cedar Point told 3News earlier this month. 

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They added: “We’re looking into how they made it to the midway.”

Cedar Park is located off Lake Erie, 70 miles west of Cleveland. It boasts itself as the Roller CoasterCapital of the World.

Along with camels and goats, Cedar Park’s petting zoo The Barnyard is home to sheep, cows,  goats, donkeys, turtles, ducks and piglets, among other animals.

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