Chicago is the Midwest's hub and it is well-known for its magnificent skyline that stretches across the waters of the massive freshwater Lake Michigan. It also has world-class museums, kilometers of sandy beaches, sprawling parks, public art, and maybe the most beautiful city in the world.

In Chicago, you will find some delectable dishes that you just cannot miss! There are some mouth-watering dishes and tasty dishes like Doughnuts, Chicago-Style Hot Dogs, and Shaved Ice and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Doughnuts

This sweet treat, often served as a snack or dessert item, is made from fried dough that is leavened and is quite popular in countries all over the world. Doughnuts, also referred to as 'donuts', can be purchased in bakeries, supermarkets and food stands and can also be made at home. There are also specialized franchises that produce their own doughnuts such as Dunkin' Donuts which is popular on several continents.

The most popular places to try out Doughnuts are Croissants and Beigel Shop.

2. Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

The reputation of the Chicago Dog has its own joke that it must have been "dragged through the garden." This is in reference to the fact that it has so many toppings. This dog arrived in Chicago from Vienna thru Frankfurt, where pork sausages have been known since the 13th century.

The most popular places to try out Chicago-Style Hot Dogs is chicago's dog house.

3. Shaved Ice

While the product can resemble a snow cone, snow cones are made with crushed, rather than shaved ice. Shaved ice looks very white due to its small water particles. Added flavored syrups are absorbed by the ice instead of surrounding it, so there is rarely a need for a straw for a properly made shave ice confection, since the flavors are in the ice and not at the bottom of the cup.

The most popular places to try out Shaved Ice are Beigel Shop and Christopher's.

4. Jibarito

This dish is a type of sandwich that includes an outer layer of fried green plantains instead of traditional bread. A jibarito is usually stuffed with seasoned steak that is thinly cut, although other meats such as chicken, ham and pork are also used. It also includes ingredients such as lettuce, tomatoes, white cheese and grilled green onions. The sandwich usually contains a mayonnaise that has a garlic flavor.

The most popular places to try out Jibarito are Egyptian Nights, Best Beer and LOST ANTHES.

5. Cinnamon Rolls

A cinnamon roll consists of rolled dough with cinnamon, sugar, raisins, butter, and other ingredients which provide a robust and sweet flavor. The roll is cut into individual portions, and then baked or deep fried. The size of a cinnamon roll varies from place to place, but many vendors usually supply a smaller size of about 5 centimeters.

The most popular places to try out Cinnamon Rolls are Roanoke Restaurant, f and ann sather restaurant.

6. Chicago Pizza

Chicago pizza can be prepared in several different styles, but the most famous is the deep-dish pizza. The pizza is baked in a pan with a high edge, allowing plenty of room for lots of cheese and chunky tomato sauce. Because a Chicago pizza requires a longer baking time than a regular pizza,, the ingredients are usually placed "upside-down" from the usual order since the cheese might burn if placed on top. The crust is covered with cheese, usually mozzarella, followed by any meat options, and then onions, mushrooms, bell peppers or other toppings. Finally, the tomatoes are added, sometimes with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

The most popular places to try out Chicago Pizza are Pequod's Pizza, Egyptian Nights and Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company.

7. Barbecue Ribs

Barbecue can be a type of cooking, the type of device that is used to cook food, or just a reference to a family get-together that is serving this type of food. Barbecue can be a reference to the way the food is cooked and served. Barbecuing is normally an outdoors activity.

The most popular places to try out Barbecue Ribs are Chacha Feeka Famous Lassi Peray Wali, Vegan Tempeh Chili and visiting.

8. Italian Beef

A type of sandwich believed to have originated in Chicago Illinois, this meal consists primarily of several slices of roast beef that have been simmered and thoroughly seasoned. It is usually presented on a long French bread and served "au jus", meaning that it is cooked in, and accompanied by, a type of light broth or brown gravy.

The most popular places to try out Italian Beef are Chacha Feeka Famous Lassi Peray Wali, Carm's Beef and Italian Ice and Egyptian Nights.

9. Sandwich

Sandwiches consists of two slices of bread with a variety of vegetables, cheese and meat stacked between them. Basically, the slices of bread serve as a vessel to hold the fillings together. It has it beginnings in the Western world but has become a popular lunch food all over the world.

The most popular places to try out Sandwich are Egyptian Nights and Maurie's Table.

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