(SPOT.ph) Looking to escape your toxic and seemingly never-ending pile of work-related tasks? If you answered yes, then you might be in need of a quick relaxing getaway. Forget the high-adrenaline activities and the scenic tours. Take time just to disconnect and recuperate. If you're looking for an oasis near Metro Manila for this exact purpose, you may want to consider booking a night or a weekend in Asteria Villa. This Bali-style property in Bulacan can be your quick escape from city life, with rates starting at P9,500 per night for up to six guests. 

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Asteria Villa is a 300-square-meter private luxe vacation rental right in the heart of Pandi, Bulacan. Just a quick glance all around the villa, and you'll immediately notice the Bali-style motif and designs all over. From the cane-lined woven furniture to the dainty rattan accents, everything in this property screams tropical paradise. 

The space boasts an open floor plan that gives guests a full view of the property at any point in the house. Not only will you feel relaxed thanks to the beautiful ambiance, but you'll also get treated to the countryside's cool fresh breeze thanks to the open layout design plus the surrounding vegetation that allows for the best possible air circulation in the common areas. 

Asteria Villa is a great place for a quick relaxing escape. There's really nothing much to do in the property except laze around, Netflix and chill, and of course, wade in the Sukabumi-tiled pool.

Alternatively, you could also engage in me time by preparing a warm relaxing bath and just soaking in it as you read, watch shows, or listen to music of your choice. 

A pro tip when staying at Asteria Villa is to bring your own food. Currently, there are limited food delivery options in the area; however, there is a fully equipped kitchen within the property. There's a refrigerator, stove, and other cooking and dining utensils. We highly suggest bringing your own packed food or prepping your ingredients in advance for a cook-out sesh in the villa. 

In case you're thinking of booking the listing for a romantic affair with your S.O., like an anniversary celebration or possibly even an intimate proposal, you can request a special setup from the host upon booking. They can prepare a rose-clad bedroom to welcome you upon arrival or deck out the outdoor gazebo, perfect for lovey-dovey sunset drinks and snacks.

But really, if all you want is to chill, disconnect, and recharge, we won't blame you. There are two bedrooms in the villa, one with a king-sized bed and another with two queen-sized beds.  And boy, these rooms look so cozy. TBH, we might just end up curling up in this space for the majority of the trip. 

So in case you're in dire need of a quick break from city life, we highly recommend checking out the Asteria Villa in Bulacan. It's roughly an hour and a half away from the Metro and is great for quick weekend r&rs. 

Asteria Villa is at La Casa Raymundo, 817 Pagasa Street, Barangay Malibo Matanda, Pandi, Bulacan. Rates start at P9,500 per night. For more information, visit Asteria Villa's Facebook page.

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