International travel without a passport? In Singapore's world-renowned Changi Airport, it's a possibility–but with some stipulations!

In a parliament session held on September 18, changes to the country's Immigration Act were passed, including one which introduced an automated, passport-free system for departing passengers in 2024.

With the move, Communications Minister Josephine Teo announced that Singapore will be one of the first countries to administer the system, which allows departing passengers to leave the country without the use of passports, and only through biometric data.

While biometric tech and facial recognition software are already being used at the airport, the upcoming changes will reportedly "reduce the need for passengers to repeatedly present their travel documents at touch points and allow for more seamless and convenient processing," as quoted by CNN.

The move will use biometrics as a "single token of authentication" at different points of the airport, including immigration clearance and boarding, foregoing the need of boarding passes and passports. However, the minister reminds travelers that passports are still a must for those traveling to and from different countries outside of Singapore.

Other airports across the globe have also been utilizing biometric tech to some extent, including Dubai International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, and more.

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