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(SPOT.ph) Whether you just started or promised to invest more in visiting new places this year, we know you've been zooming across airports and lugging your bags through boarding gates. Pre-vacation can be a hassle (and nerve-wracking for first-timers), so to ease the tension on your shoulders—both figuratively and literally—how about getting this smart electric scooter luggage bag from Airwheels? Perfect if you're also someone who lugs a whole suitcase even for weekend or overnight trips out of town (because who says you can't?)

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Here's where you can get this electric scooter luggage for your travels:

Get through the airport swiftly with ease when you've got your hands—or your butt, rather, since you can also sit on it—on the Airwheel SE23 Smart Electric Luggage. Sounds and looks familiar? You may have seen this from your favorite celebrities on social media or you've passed by their newest place in Eastwood. 

This smart electric luggage can load up to 110 kilograms and has a capacity of up to 20L. So you don't have to worry about long, long walks around airports or other places and carrying such heavy bags as you do when you can just hop on and make your way through the crowd with this piece, which can transform into a scooter with a touch of a button. It can go as far as 10 to 13 kilometers. You can track the battery percentage and access other features through an application. 

Now, the question: is the SE23 allowed for carry-on or check-in? According to their site, it's yes to both. The SE23 is said to be cabin-sized, but it has a weight of 9.4 kilograms so you should check it with your airlines first just to be sure as well as ask the brand your concerns.

"We’ve had positive customer experiences that were able to bring Airwheel as hand carry for their local and international trips," said Airwheels. 

If you want to check them in, you can just remove its 2000mAh battery (which you can also use to juice up your devices) and bring it as a carry-on. It's a power bank type of battery that takes up to two hours to fully charge. Take note that only Thai Airways doesn't allow smart luggage. Just to be sure, inquire with your airline or travel agency before your flight so you're all set and ready to go on the day. 


For more information, check out Airwheel Philippines' Facebook page.

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