You’d think we would have learned now from that viral post of non-delivery riders occupying a rider’s lounge inside a mall. Yet now comes a new breed of non-compliant mall-goers: toddlers taking up all the space inside an indoor pet park.

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Facebook user Nicole Pingol posted the image in the satire group Homepaslupa Buddies, which was flooded with likes, shares, and comments, many of which were laugh reactions and sarcastic jabs.

The image showcases young children with their parents or guardians taking up the indoor park at StarMall in the city of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, outfitted with an indoor grass mat and indoor slides and obstacle courses.

To be fair, they would pass for an indoor playground for children — were it not for the big, fat “Pet Park” sign in front that’s hard to miss.

“I wonder if these kids received their 4-in-1 shots from the vet?” One jabbed.

“Roll over, kiddo!” Another one joked.

Some users chided the parents for ignoring the fact that it was a pet park on purpose, arguing that they were taking away spaces meant for pets and their furparents.

“These are the same parents that would get angry for allowing pets inside the area,” one wrote.

“People who can’t tell the difference between kids and pets should not be allowed to procreate,” another argued. 

Humor aside, some did point out that the situation does highlight something more dire — the lack of real spaces for children and their families to play and unwind. Regrettably, many families in cities lack green spaces for them to be in.

“This is proof that Metro Manila sorely lacks parks. If you notice, Quezon City circle is the only major park,” one commenter said, with Bulacan city only an hour’s drive away from Quezon City. “We live in a concrete jungle filled with buildings and malls. We have no spaces allocated for parks where we’re free to do physical activities,” he added.

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