• A woman named Ash posted a video detailing her husband Ronnie's hack
  • He has a sneaky tactic to getting a free cup of joe while on the road
  • Many people on the web were impressed with his 'smart' idea

A man has revealed his ingenious road trip hack for getting access to a clean bathroom and even securing free coffee during a long drive.

Earlier this month, a US-based content creator, named Ash, posted a video of her husband, Ronnie, whose last names have not been shared, getting into their car and happily handing her a cup of hot coffee.

She then shared his sneaky tactic to getting a cup of joe and accessing sanitary restrooms while on the road.

The overlaid text in her clip comedically read: 'Most people stop at gas stations, but my husband stops at a literal HILTON to use the bathroom and get coffee.' 

Her video got more than 569,000 views and many viewers were impressed with Ronnie's idea.

Ash humorously captioned the video: 'He takes his Diamond status VERY seriously.' 

People quickly flooded the comment section with praise, with one user writing, 'You know what… He is on to something.'

'I haven't before now. Thanks for the idea,' said someone else, while a third added, 'That is so freaking smart lol.'

A fourth person commented: 'Smart man.'

A fourth said: 'Um this is genius - as a germaphobe, I love this idea.'

'Hotels have the cleanest bathrooms,' pointed out a different user.

'But why have I driven cross country four times and never thought of this?' asked someone else.

Some viewers even admitted that they too use the hack.

One person wrote: 'I do this too. It’s cleaner and you can pull right up to the front.'    

Another added: 'I do this as well. My daughter and I have traveled over the country together, and to be honest, it’s just safer most of the time.'   

'I’ve done this for years,' commented someone else.

A different user shared: 'Fun fact: you don’t have to be a Diamond member. No one has ever questioned me.'

Another person confessed: 'I go to my nearest Hilton to get Starbucks instead of every other crowded one within a mile of me.'

'Oh no, don’t spill the secret,' one viewer comedically added. 

A few followers provided additional options. 

One person wrote: 'And to get some ice. I road trip during the summer,' while another jokingly asked, 'Does he also go there for breakfast?' 

Some people, however, revealed that they had given the tip a try, but their attempt was unsuccessful. 

'Must be nice - I tried this once and got stopped to show my room key,' one comment read.

'Yeah, until the front desk ask, "Are you a guest?" and, "Which room you’re in?"' another said.

In order to become a Diamond Benefits member, a guest must stay at a Hilton hotel at least 60 nights per year, and travelers are then granted 'executive lounge access.'

According to NerdWallet, the member benefits include 'complimentary breakfast in the morning, drinks and snacks throughout the day, cocktail hours in the evening, free in-lounge internet access and a business center.'

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