• Video shows rafts piling up on the Raging River ride at Six Flags Over Texas
  • Riders were forced to jump off the rafts and swim to safety 

A video posted online shows the dramatic moment a family ride at a Texas theme park appeared to malfunction. 

The video, posted on TikTok Sunday, shows four rafts piled up on the Raging River ride at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.

Within moments, another raft comes crashing onto the scene, prompting terrified riders to try and climb back on the pier to safety. 

As a park employee desperately tries to hold onto one of the rafts, it is pulled away, leaving riders no choice but to fall into the water in an effort to get back to the pier. 

In one heart-stopping moment, a young boy who enters the river struggles to swim to safety and is pulled up against the rushing water by another man as someone could be heard yelling 'get the kid'. 

The child and two adults then had to climb up onto the pier, their clothes soaking wet, while the other rafts make their way back the other way.

As they are safely back on the dock, an employee could be seen running out with floatation devices.

It is unclear what may have caused the pile-up, but some TikTok users claimed it is not unusual for the ride to malfunction like that.

'That happened to us on the same ride,' user Megan Burnett commented. 'We sat there while they drained the water, and we had to walk out.'

Another user wrote that the Roaring River ride is 'known for this, if you're from [Dallas-Fort Worth] you know,' while a third claimed the ride 'is a death trap once it flips' adding that he is 'not getting on this.'

The Roaring River ride boasts rafts that can fit up to 12 family members, and will leave guests 'soaked.'

'Strap on your vests and step into this wobbly whitewater raft for a (playfully) treacherous passage down river,' the Six Flags Over Texas website reads. 

'Don't be surprised if your veering vessel is overtaken by raging waves of water.'

DailyMail.com has reached out to Six Flags for comment. 

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