EMIRATES offered special menus on flights from Dubai-USA-Dubai between November 23 and 30 in celebration of Thanksgiving. Traditional festive fare was also served in the lounges of Dubai, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco from November 18 to 25.

Customers in First Class savored elevated traditional dishes like sweet potato soup with succulent poached lobster and chives, followed by Thanksgiving turkey leg roulade with pumpkin purée, cranberry jus lié, Brussels sprouts, steamed green beans, glazed baby carrots, veal bacon strips and roasted pecans. For dessert, customers sampled the seasonal flavors of warm apple fritters with mascarpone cream and cinnamon sugar, key lime tart accented with raspberry coulis, or toffee apple and pecan cake doused with vanilla curd, cherry compote, marshmallows, and pistachios.

In Business and Premium Economy Class, sweet potato soup with a dash of roasted pumpkin oil whets the appetite before a main course of sliced sous vide turkey, classic cornbread, pumpkin purée, cranberry jus lié, Brussels sprouts, baby carrots and roasted pecans, with a sweet ending of hearty spiced apple cake with date compote and raspberry curd.

In Economy Class, customers enjoyed a festive chicken roulade with cranberry jus lié, green peas, mashed parsnip with carrots, and baked potatoes with butter and parsley. Followed by a Thanksgiving favorite of pumpkin delice with cinnamon cream or toffee apple and pecan crumble served with salted caramel sauce and marshmallows.

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