Flying first class might sound glamorous, but nothing is quite as luxurious as having your own private plane to ferry you from one destination to the other. Not only will it afford you the utmost privacy, you will also have control over flight timings, which is highly convenient if you've got a super tight schedule or you simply just want to maximize your vacation hours. Plus, you'll have access to more secluded landing spots, too!

We'll let you in on a secret-you don't need your own plane and you most certainly don't need to offer an arm and a leg to enjoy this kind of service. Established during the pandemic, Flight Club seeks to make private aviation accessible and hassle-free for more Filipinos. It may sound like a tall order, but their top-notch chartering model is indeed positioned for take off. Scroll on and press play to find out why!

WATCH: Everything You Need to Know About Flight Club's Private Flights

How does it work?

In this Preview Exclusive, Flight Club's Marketing Lead Gabrielle Viray shares that the private aviation firm was borne out of the desire to make travel hassle-free and accessible during the height of the pandemic. Not only will you avoid large crowds at the airport, you get to choose the times as well as the points for embarkation, too! It may cost a bit more than promo fares, but the comfort and convenience? Priceless.

She shares that they can customize an itinerary for you to any point in the Philippines that has a suitable landing strip. This means that you'll get options for smaller and more secluded airports that may be closer to your final destination which large commercial jets don't have access to. All you have to do is let them know of your preferred dates, as well the number of passengers including pets. You read that right, your fur babies can join your vacay, too!

What type of aircrafts do they fly?

While they have an array of aircrafts to choose from, their 10-seater Piper Navajo Chieftain can comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers in addition to the pilot and co-pilot. It's a twin-engine plane that can navigate smaller airports that line less commercial but just as beautiful provinces. Not only is it safe and functional, its vintage exterior also makes the perfect backdrop for all your IG posts and Tiktok travel transitions. In fact, this was the exact one we used for our March 2023 cover featuring Catriona Gray!

How to book?

For more information about booking flights or shoots, you may send a message to Flight Club via their Instagram.

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