A Chicago woman has gone missing in the Bahamas after not being seen since last week, police said.

Taylor Casey, 41, is being searched for by the Royal Bahamas Police Force, according to a Facebook post the department shared on Friday.

Casey was last seen on June 19 in the area of Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas, police said. It is unclear what clothing she may have on, or if she is in danger.

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USA TODAY contacted the Royal Bahamas Police Force on Monday but has not received a response.

Why was Taylor Casey in the Bahamas?

Casey has been in the Bahamas for a yoga certification retreat, according to a Facebook group created for her called "Finding Taylor Casey."

"I’m currently in shock & can't believe I’m making this post. Taylor is such a sweet person who cares so deeply about the community," Anna DeShawn, a member of the Facebook group, said in a post on Monday.

The yoga retreat center in Paradise Island noticed Casey was not in class on June 19 so they notified her family the following day, according to DeShawn.

Casey's family is preparing to travel to the Bahamas, the Facebook group wrote in a post on Monday afternoon.

"We send our love, prayer, and energy to Taylor’s family as they begin their travels to the Bahamas," according to the social media post. "Together, we share our strength and our resolve to find our beloved Taylor."

USA TODAY reached out to Casey's family and friends but has not received a response.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Chicago woman missing in Bahamas after going for yoga certification retreat, police say

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