LANDCO Pacific Corp. unveils the uniquely designed Grand Coral clubhouse at Playa Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. It creates a new benchmark for amenities of exclusive resorts and leisure developments in the country.

The Grand Coral clubhouse is a joint effort from Landco and Aplaya Laiya Corp. Situated at the focal point of Playa Laiya, it is a portal through which the sea, beach and nature blend for tourists, guests and members of the community.

Its primary attraction, the "Starry, starry night" swimming pool is a tribute to Vincent van Gogh's masterpiece. At night, the pool is transformed into a dramatic setting with unique decorative lighting.

For celebrations, the clubhouse features a 350 square meter Hegland hall. It is named after shipping mogul Ole Hegland and can accommodate 150 guests.

The design takes inspiration from the natural beauty of the environment with multilayered composition and complexity that create a sense of balance and peace.

There are 14 cabanas by the pool for both residents and guests in which to lounge and relax. The Reef poolside restaurant offers all-day refreshments and meals to satisfy cravings.

A world-class and luxurious amenity open for residents and guests, the Grand Coral clubhouse is the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature's scenery. For more information about it, visit the website at

For more than 30 years, Landco has continued to innovate and cement its positioning as a market leader in the development of premium beachfronts in Batangas.

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