NORTHERN Quezon City residents of all ages can treat themselves to a new, sprawling entertainment destination with a host of fun activities as the premiere family entertainment center brand, Timezone, opens its largest venue in the Philippines at Ayala Fairview Terraces.

The new location is a sprawling 2,800 square meters and packed with thrilling attractions, classic and trending high-octane arcade games, and immersive VR zones that are sure to bring out the child in everyone, no matter the gaming style.

It is the first-ever venue in the Philippines to have more than 160 of the latest arcade games, the famous Hologate VR attraction, the ever-popular spin zone bumper cars, and much more — ensuring maximum enjoyment for all age groups and cementing Timezone as the destination to have a great time together with family and friends.

This venue also boasts Timezone's largest prize shop ever, with a gallery of attractive prize incentives for the ultimate play-and-win enjoyment.

"Timezone's new venue at Fairview Terraces is an experience like no other. Our indoor family entertainment concept provides an immersive and competitive environment that allows visitors of all ages to have a blast while spending quality time with one another," Timezone Philippines President and General Manager Raffy Prats said.

The Fairview location is the latest branch of the Australian family entertainment chain, which has long ago established itself in Filipino culture as a site of lively and spirited outings.

Visitors can choose to hang out at four full-lane bowling alleys or six short-lane bowling alleys for some fun competition or relax at the Let's Eat snack bar in addition to the expansive gaming area.

Mainstays like the basketball zone, ping-pong zone, premium music booths and party rooms round out Timezone as the top choice entertainment destination for all happy occasions.

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