10 top UK hotel pools with a view

The Scarlet, Mawgan Porth, Cornwall Set on the clifftop overlooking the spectacular Cornish coastline, the freshwater pool at the Scarlet is fringed with reeds and studded with granite rocks, giving it a wonderfully un-hotel, wild swimming feel. Warm up afterwards in one of the log-fired hot tubs, just along the hillside, or take a dip in the glass-walled indoor pool, part of the tranquil Scarlet spa. An adults-only retreat, the Scarlet is an...

I rented a $365 cabana for a day at Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon, and it was worth every penny even though it took 3 hours to book

I'd visited the water parks at Disney World and was curious whether the VIP poolside service was worth the high price tag.

I had the ultimate travel nightmare when my passport was stolen during a trip abroad. Here's how I got a new one in less than 24 hours.

There's nothing more stressful than losing your passport in a foreign country. Here's how Insider's travel reporter dealt with the situation.

The Guardian view on ancient trees: natural monuments need protecting

Efforts to increase the level of protection available to ancient – or simply old – trees in the UK have been building for some time. In 2019, Janis Fry, an artist and yew expert living in Wales, launched a petition calling for new laws that would prevent the destruction of about 157 ancient yew trees at least 2,000 years old. Since then, the chorus of disapproval about current provision has grown steadily louder (if not exactly deafening: tree...

I was a flight attendant for 10 years. Here are 10 of the biggest mistakes passengers make.

A former airplane crew member advises fliers against walking barefoot on dirty floors, drinking too much alcohol, and sitting in bulkhead seats.

Fronds reunited: an Isle of Wight trip to restore a priceless ecosystem

Kevin smiles from ear to ear at the sight of a common periwinkle. This pretty and striated mollusc, clinging to a sandstone where the Solent laps the peach sands of St Helens beach, speaks to Kevin of something pleasingly enduring in the natural world. Like most members of our 12-strong group, Kevin signed up for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust’s coastal survey volunteer day to help soothe his climate anxiety. “It feels good to be...

Those of us with family abroad can’t just give up flying

It’s all very well for Fiona Henderson to tell us that we shouldn’t be flying ( Letters, 1 August). I’m assuming she hasn’t got close family living in parts of the world where travelling by air is the only way of visiting them. I have young grandchildren living in the US and I miss them desperately. There are thousands of families across the UK in the same position. FaceTime is a wonderful thing, but nothing compares to hugging them for real....

Dreaming shires: how East Yorkshire shaped Tolkien’s Middle-earth fantasy

Trench fever. I used to imagine it akin to flu, or Covid even, but this is in some ways a nastier disease. Caused by bacteria carried on lice, its symptoms include high temperature, headache and excruciating pains in the legs and back. And though symptoms fade after some days, the Bartonella quintana bacterium keeps rearing its debilitating head, causing relapses for months or years. Nasty, then. But had it not infected a 24-year-old officer...

COVID risk on planes was 1 in 1,000 on a 2-hour flight at the beginning of the pandemic — and is probably higher now, research suggests

Dr. Arnold Barnett said COVID infection risk on planes is likely higher now than earlier in the pandemic because of fuller planes and no mask mandate.

The Best New Three-Day Wellness Programs

Great new three-day wellness programs around the world.

‘Delectable and ripe’: readers’ favourite pick-your-own farms

Winning tip: Punnet paradise, near Edinburgh On a cycling tour of Scotland last year, the alluring aroma of fragrant fields full of strawberries, drifting up a hill, caused me to pause my pedalling and follow my nose. It was an excellent decision. The well-signposted Craigie’s Farm, at South Queensferry near Edinburgh, beckoned me towards an array of fruits as sustenance for my cycling. I filled up on raspberries and cherries and took veg too...

Cameron Diaz Loves These $7 Sea Salt Flakes So Much That She Travels Everywhere With Them

Chances are you’re curious to know a little more about superstars and their personal life. And, if you’re lucky enough to take a look at the inside of their purse, the contents can tell you what they’re like daily. A cell phone, lip balms, and gum are essential items. But what are celebrities’ must-have items that they

Rail route of the month: gliding past Finland’s pristine forests and lakes

The monumental facade of Helsinki’s main railway station has an elegant symmetry. Four giant, granite men, each one holding a lantern, are there to greet me. It is before seven on a quiet Saturday morning and I am here on an eastbound mission, heading for the only passenger railway in the European Union to cross the 30th meridian east of Greenwich. From its train number, Finland’s IC1 service sounds as though it should be the most prestigious...

Tell us about your favourite ice cream parlour for the chance to win a £200 holiday voucher

There is no greater moment of bliss than licking your way through a deliciously cool ice cream on a hot summer’s day. And now thanks to the world’s first ever drive-thru parlour, opened at The Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire, you can even enjoy a creamy cone from the comfort of your car. Beyond Britain, Europe is not short of sweet flavours and delightful places to get your hands on a sundae treat. Whether it’s fresh gelato in Italy or a homemade...

My Apple AirTags Gave Me Peace of Mind Throughout My European Vacation

If you've been online recently, you've likely heard about all the turmoil going on at airports all across the globe.

We've been living in a tent for 5 months because we couldn't afford our $1,200 rent. Now we're preparing for winter in Maine.

Lauren Bahre and her husband left their home under threat of eviction as they couldn't make rent. They now live in a tent moored in a national park.

The Perfect Montauk Weekend

Heading out East before summer's over? Here are a few of our favorite local spots.

This Week's Supermoon Will Be the Last of 2022

Here's how to catch the Sturgeon Moon.

The best ways to get to and around Portland, Oregon, according to a local

Read a local's tips on the best options for traveling throughout Portland, Oregon, including car and bike rentals, e-scooters, and more.

About 80,000 tourists reportedly stranded in China resort city after authorities declared it a COVID-19 hot spot

Some 80,000 tourists are stranded in the Chinese resort city of Sanya after authorities put the area under lockdown calling it a COVID hotspot.

I quit van life after 4 years and moved into a house. Here's why I gave up living on the road and don't regret it.

By the time I moved into my home in Moab, Utah, I was tired of hunting for Wi-Fi, searching for parking spaces, and spending so much time alone.

Jason Momoa Poses as a Flight Attendant and Surprises Hawaiian Airlines Passengers

Jason Momoa traveled from Los Angeles to his homeland of Hawaii on Aug.

‘A disturbing wave’: midges threaten tourist trade in Italian town

Authorities in a Tuscan town have urged residents to close their windows and refrain from hanging out washing as they tackle a plague of midges that has been tormenting locals and tourists for weeks. Restaurants and bar owners in Orbetello, well known for its lagoon and long stretches of sandy beach overlooked by Monte Argentario, say business has been badly hit as customers avoid venturing out for dinner. “We are forced to close two hours...

I was a flight attendant for 2 years. Here are 5 things I always pack in my carry-on and 4 I never do.

After working in the airline industry for years and packing a carry-on bag multiple times a week, I know the essentials and what to leave at home.

Vacation Is Just a Mindset

In defense of low-stakes travel.

Signs of love? Italy has designated romantic zones – would you kiss on demand?

Name: Romantic zones. Age: Ancient in many cases, if only recently signposted. Appearance: Vantage points so picturesque as to incite passion. Sounds exciting. Are there any in the Kettering area? No. Are there any within easy reach of Kettering? They’re all in Italy. That seems a bit unfair. It’s an Italian initiative. Scenic trysting places have been furnished with signs saying: “ Zona romantica” and: “ Obbligatorio baciarsi”. What does that...

Airplane Crash Lands On California Highway, Everyone Walks Away

A dashcam video captured the crash.

8 US destinations for unforgettable family fun

Santa Clara covers all the basics, from entertaining family activities to interactive, informative museums to historic landmarks, a college campus, and the world's most high-tech stadium. The Intel Museum has hands-on exhibits for the whole family, while Mission Santa Clara has a slice of history. Levi's Stadium is one of Santa Clara's most popular...

Green line: take a window seat on Ireland’s most beautiful train trips

Driven by increasingly expensive car hire and an appetite for sustainable tourism, visitors to Ireland are discovering the lure of public transport. Fares on Irish public transport were cut by 20% in April until the end of this year and halved permanently for those aged 19 to 23, the first such reductions in Ireland since 1947. Add to that deeply discounted online fares – or the Leap Card, which offers even heftier price cuts – and now’s the...

I took an EV camping for the weekend and I’m converted

The Skoda ENYAQ iV 80 FestEVal is a one-off version of Skoda’s electric SUV that’s got everything you need for a camping adventure

Hong Kong's iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant is stuck upside down on a coral reef after capsizing earlier this summer

Jumbo Floating Restaurant, which closed in 2020 as the coronavirus reduced tourism in the area, capsized in the South China Sea after being towed from Hong Kong.

Sales are soaring for Tui but the cost of living crisis could soon bite

Hundreds of flights delayed or cancelled, an engine fire on a Tui plane at Manchester airport, and an abject apology from the managing director … it has not been an easy summer for the world’s biggest tour operator. On Wednesday, a Tui report on bookings and revenues from April to June will shine a light on the whole holiday sector during its peak period. A surge in demand for travel has caused chaos at airports in the UK and elsewhere in...

A woman who visited Ezra Miller's Airbnb in Iceland said everyone there seemed 'hypnotized'

In an investigation into the actor's behavior, sources told Insider there were rumors in Iceland that Miller was running a cult out of their Airbnb.

Spiralling inflation, crops left in the field and travel chaos: 10 reasons Brexit has been disastrous for Britain

When British politicians talk about Brexit and its consequences, they tend to adopt rictus grins and assure us that, by some miracle as yet unexplained, everything is going to be OK. The Labour leader Keir Starmer, who only a few years ago was a passionate advocate of a second referendum on our exit from the EU, now has a five-point plan to “ make Brexit work”. Meanwhile, as the Tory leadership contest grinds on, both the candidates are at pains...

Expedia discount codes for 08 2022

For cheap travel, use these offer_count Expedia discount codes

A mayor wants to charge hikers $15,000 to climb Mont Blanc to cover their own rescue and funeral costs after dozens of 'pseudo-mountaineers' ignore warnings

The French mayor said taxpayers shouldn't have to foot the rescue and funeral costs of climbers taking on Mont Blanc, Western Europe's tallest peak.

Flight disruption in UK was worst in Europe in recent months, says Tui

Flight disruption in the UK was the worst in Europe in recent months, according to Tui, while Manchester was the most-affected airport, as the travel operator reported a €75m (£63m) hit from air traffic chaos. “We had significant challenges and interruptions, especially on the UK side,” said Sebastian Ebel, Tui’s incoming chief executive, who will take over the top job at the start of October. “We have never before invested so much into standby...

Stock horror as lost Oxo cubes ruin camping trip

Your article ( ‘We always bring a teapot’: readers share the unusual items they take on holiday, 5 August) brought to mind a camping trip through France many years ago. Close to Calais, I went to wash up after dinner at the communal basins and next to me was an Englishman on his first evening on holiday. He filled his basin and emptied his cookware, crockery and cutlery into it, only to see two dozen sodden Oxo cubes rise to the surface. He was...

Airbnb apologizes for slave cabin for rent in Mississippi

Airbnb publicly apologized after it allowed a property owner to list an “1830s slave cabin” for rent in Greenville, Mississippi. In a TikTok video that went viral, a New-Orleans civil rights and entertainment lawyer, Wynton Yates, criticized the listing, saying: “The history of slavery in this country is constantly denied and now it’s being mocked by being turned into a luxurious vacation spot.” The listing, which has been taken down, described...

A TikToker booked an Airbnb in Bali for a romantic getaway. When she arrived, she found an overgrown ghost town.

Bree Robertson expected a luxurious property with an infinity pool. Instead, she found a vacant property with algae-filled water.

BA restricts sales for Heathrow short-haul flights for rest of summer

British Airways will restrict sales for short-haul flights from Heathrow all summer, with no more tickets for departures before 15 August, in an attempt to head off further disruption and flight cancellations. The unprecedented move by BA comes in response to the London airport’s cap on passengers, limiting total numbers to 100,000 a day, after staff shortages led to long queues, flight delays and problems with baggage earlier this year. The...

Beaches, mountains, ancient towns and low prices? Albania has it all

“It used to be rare that journalists would come here,” says Elton Caushi, head of tour operator Albanian Trip, who I meet in the capital, Tirana. “When they did come, they only wanted to talk about blood feuds and sworn virgins.” The traditions that once dominated tribal politics in Albania’s mountains are interesting, but I’m here to probe a more recent view of the south-east European country. Thanks to its beaches, Unesco-stamped cities and...

From celebrity jets to Pelosi’s Taiwan trip, flight trackers are the sleeper hit of the summer

Want to watch a top-secret government flight live? Track a drug kingpin’s movements in real time? Or know how much Taylor Swift’s jets are polluting the air? They’re all streaming live on the sleeper hit of the summer: online flight trackers. On Tuesday, viewers set new records on Flightradar24, one of the largest flight tracker websites in the world, as they watched the seven-hour flight of Nancy Pelosi from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei. The trip,...

Introduction of €7 visa-waiver forms for travellers to EU delayed

The EU has delayed the introduction of a €7 visa-waiver form to enter its passport-free zone, meaning British travellers are unlikely to face the charge until 2024 at the earliest. The European travel information and authorisation system (Etias), which applies to non-EU citizens from 60 countries that have visa-free travel with the EU, is now scheduled to start operating from November 2023. Travellers will then benefit from a six-month...

Wild east: five Balkan countries to discover for your next holiday

Montenegro With the Adriatic to the south and mountain ranges in the north, Montenegro is an easy place to combine a beach break with a more active holiday. The beach scene is centred on the medieval walled city of Budva, which has a 22-mile strip of sandy and pebbly coastline. Lake Skadar, southern Europe’s biggest, is about an hour’s drive away, perfect for boating among water lilies and Dalmatian pelicans. Fjord-like, Unesco-listed Bay of...

Advisories you should know before visiting Portland, according to an Oregon native

If you're visiting Portland, Oregon, be sure to pack water-wicking outerwear, closed-toed shoes, and a hat in case of rainy weather.

Travelers are hiding their extra clothes in pillows to avoid baggage fees, and a flight attendant says it's a great idea

The airport pillow hack is the latest money-saving tip to go viral on TikTok. Experts told Insider it's a smart way to avoid extra travel fees.

BA suspends short-haul ticket sales from Heathrow: what you need to know

British Airways has suspended ticket sales on short-haul flights out of Heathrow. How will this affect travellers and why have they done it? Have any more British Airways flights been cancelled? No additional flights have been cancelled as a result of the suspension of short-haul ticket sales. Are any passengers being bumped? What if you have a ticket? No. Passengers with existing bookings will still be able to travel and inbound flights will...

The Guardian view on the warming of the Alps: a challenge for tourism

The Victorian writer and mountaineer Leslie Stephen – the father of Virginia Woolf – called the Alps “the playground of Europe”. And so they have been, in winter and summer alike, for many generations. But with excessive warming now placing some of the Alps’ most iconic summits out of bounds, for how much longer can the freedom of Europe’s playground continue? The basic problem is the warming of the Alps. Snowfall this past winter – especially...

Jacob Rees-Mogg: I was wrong to say Brexit would not cause Dover delays

Jacob Rees-Mogg has admitted he was wrong to say there would be no delays at the port of Dover caused by the UK leaving the EU. But the Brexit opportunities minister maintained the government line that the French, not Brexit, had caused the recent delays, in a radio interview on Tuesday. LBC radio replayed a claim from 2018 when he insisted “there will be no need for checks at Dover” and he was clear that “the delays will not be at Dover, they...